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Blog Graphic Depicting Ticket Imports

How to import event tickets with FooEvents

  Earlier this year, we added a ticket import tool to the FooEvents for WooCommerce plugin. This feature is particularly useful if you need to transfer a large number of tickets from an existing system or spreadsheet when planning an event. With the FooEvents ticket importer, you can import tickets

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Build A Wordpress Conference Website In Under 30 Minutes

How to build a WordPress conference website in under 30 minutes

Building websites has never been easier. WordPress is supported by thousands of powerful tools that are easy to use and make it possible to build professional websites in record time. To help illustrate this, I challenged myself to build a sophisticated WordPress conference website in under 30 minutes. The Brief

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Modern Data Center Servers Room With Neon Lights

How to use ChatGPT for events

The events industry is rapidly evolving, and so are the tools and technologies used to plan and execute successful events. With the advent of advanced artificial intelligence (AI), event managers now have a valuable resource at their disposal to streamline their operations and enhance their guests’ experience. One such tool

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Fooevents Pos

Introducing FooEvents POS – Event Point of Sale

Background One of the most requested features that we’ve received from customers at an increasing frequency over the last few years, is the ability to sell and print event tickets at the door in addition to selling them online using FooEvents. A “box office” event point of sale solution if

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What'S New With Fooevents

What’s new with Foo? – October 2022

This week we released a ton of features that have been on many customer’s wish lists for some time. All these features are based on customer feedback and make using FooEvents simpler and even more flexible! Booking Management If you use the FooEvents Bookings extension, then the new Bookings Management screen

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Celebrating 7 Years Of Fooevents

Celebrating 7 years of FooEvents

We’re celebrating our 7th birthday today! Time flies when you are having fun and the past 7 years seem to have passed in the blink of an eye. When we first launched FooEvents, we never imagined that a WooCommerce events plugin would evolve into helping thousands of businesses around the

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Follow Ups Social

Engage with your customers and attendees using WooCommerce Follow-ups

MPORTANT: As of 31 May 2023, WooCommerce has retired the WooCommerce Follow-Ups extension and recommends customers rather use their AutomateWoo extension. WooCommerce Follow-ups is no longer available for purchase on WooCommerce will continue to support its WooCommerce Follow-ups extension until May 2024, however, it appears no further plugin updates will be released by WooCommerce. We have implemented a similar integration

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Fooevents Check Ins Export Tool Blog Cover 1

Export your offline attendee check-ins with ease

One of the unique features of the free FooEvents Check-ins app is the ability to check-in attendees without an active internet connection. Offline mode can be enabled in the Check-ins app after you’ve logged in and completed an initial download of all your relevant event data. We’ve just added a

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Fooevents Admin Demo

Take a look under the hood (video)

In this walkthrough video, we will take you on a guided tour of the FooEvents settings and event setup. You will see how FooEvents can be used to create conferences, multi-day events, bookable services as well as events with seating selection. We also take a brief look at ticket management

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Fe 2Million Check Ins Cover

We’ve Reached 2 Million Attendee Check-ins!

Last year we celebrated reaching 1 million attendee check-ins logged in the FooEvents Check-ins apps. It was a huge milestone for us at the time which took almost 4 years to achieve. Less than a year later, the check-ins have doubled, bringing the total to 2 million check-ins! To say

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