Getting started with FooEvents Calendar

Getting started with FooEvents Calendar

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Post/page shortcodes

  1. Navigate to the post or page where you would like to insert the calendar
  2. Type out the calendar shortcode in the main content text editor
  3. Examples of calendar shortcodes:
    1. Basic calendar – [fooevents_calendar]
    2. Display particular month – [fooevents_calendar defaultDate= “2016-09-01”]
    3. Display list view – [fooevents_calendar defaultView=”listWeek”]
    4. Multiple calendars per page – [fooevents_calendar id=”cal1″], [fooevents_calendar id=”cal2″] etc.

Other shortcodes

  1. Simple event – [fooevents_event product=10]
  2. Simple list of events – [fooevents_events_list]
  3. List of 5 events – [fooevents_events_list num=5]

To add a widget view of the calendar

  1. Go to Appearance -> Widgets
  2. Drag the FooEvents Calendar widget into the widget area where you would like it to display
  3. Type a widget title
  4. Select which type of view you would like to use – Calendar or List
  5. Calendar view:
    1. You can specify which date you would like the calendar to start on. If left empty, the calendar will default to the current date.
    2. Example date format: 2016-09-01 (yyyy/mm/dd)
  6. List view:
    1. You can set the number of events to display. By default the list view will display the latest 5 events
  7. Click ‘Save’ to confirm your changes

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