Getting started

Getting started

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  • Edit your event and click on the “Event” tab in the “Product Data” box
  • When the FooEvents Multi-day plugin is enabled, additional options for multi-day events will be available:
    • “End date” – This is the date value which sets when your event ends. To change this setting, click on the text input box and select the end date from the calendar. Start and End dates are displayed under the event’s details on your website. The FooEvents Calendar plugin will use the Start and End dates to display your event as a date range.
    • “Number of days” – This is the total number of days or duration of your event. The number of days field is used by the FooEvents Express Check-in plugin and the FooEvents Check-in app for multiple check-ins.
  • Once you have updated the multi-day event settings, click the “Update” button to update your event

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