Global settings

Global settings

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FooEvents provides various global settings that can effect the behavior of your events and tickets. You can also customize the appearance of the FooEvents Pro app via these settings.

  1. Go to WooCommerce -> Settings
  2. Click on the “Events” tab
  3. Change the default event settings as required
  4. Save changes

Event Settings

Global ticket borderSets the color of the border around the ticket
Global ticket buttonSets the color of the button on the ticket
Global ticket button textSets the color of the button text on the ticket
Global ticket logoURL to ticket logo file
Change add to cart textChanges “Add to cart” to “Book ticket” for event products
Hide event details tabHides the event details tab on the product page
Hide unpaid tickets in appHides the unpaid tickets in the iOS and Android apps
Email tickets to attendeesSends tickets to attendees rather than the purchaser. Make sure “Capture individual attendee details?” is enabled in your products
Hide unpaid ticketsHides unpaid tickets in ticket admin
Google Maps API keynable JavaScript API on Google Maps and copy the API key here

Event Settings

The following settings can be used to customize the appearance of the FooEvents Check-ins Pro app once you have logged in. You will find more information on the pro app and a download link here:

App logoURL to the image that will display on the app’s sign-in screen. A PNG image with transparency and a width of around 940px is recommended
ColorUsed for the app’s top navigation bar and sign-in button
Text colorUsed for the text in the app’s top navigation bar and sign-in button
Background colorUsed for the sign-in screen’s background
Sign-in screen text colorUsed for the text beneath the logo on the app’s sign-in screen

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