I can’t login to the Check-ins app?

I can’t login to the Check-ins app?

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The most common cause is that the connection details have been entered incorrectly or the WordPress user doesn’t have the required permissions.

Here are other possible solutions in no particular order:

  • Check that you are running the latest version of the FooEvents for WooCommerce plugin on your website and have the latest Check-ins app installed on your device
  • Make sure that you enter your website URL exactly as it appears in the browser’s address bar (including either “http://” or “https://” and with or without “www”)
  • Make sure that you are using your WordPress username and password to log into the app. NB: By default, only users with the role of “Administrator” in WordPress will have access to the Check-ins app. This article explains how to assign roles to different WordPress users without necessarily giving them admin access to your website: User Roles, Capabilities and Permissions
  • Check that your xmlrpc.php file is accessible. Enter ‘www.YOURSITE.com/xmlrpc.php’ in your web browser. You should see the following message if the xmlrpc.php file is accessible: “XML-RPC server accepts POST requests only.”
  • Temporarily disable any security related plugins such as Wordfence to see if they are blocking access.

If you still experience difficulties after trying the solutions above, please contact FooEvents Technical Support for further solutions.