Modifying a ticket theme template

Modifying a ticket theme template

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  1. Browse to the directory wp-content/uploads/fooevents/themes/
  2. Make a copy of the theme you wish to overwrite e.g. wp-content/uploads/fooevents/themes/[FOOEVENTS-THEME-NAME]
  3. Make changes as required to the files in the new theme directory that you copied
  4. Read Get Creative with FooEvents Ticket Themes – Part 1 and Get Creative with FooEvents Ticket Themes – Part 2 for detailed instructions on how to create and modify HTML ticket themes or if you’d like to learn how to work with PDF Ticket Themes you can read this article for more information

Versions older than 1.7.0:

  1. In your WordPress theme create the following directory structure: fooevents/templates
  2. Copy the template files that you would like to modify from the wp-content/plugins/fooevents/templates directory to the directory that you created in Step 1
  3. Modify the template files as required

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