Setting up FooEvents Express Check-in – FooEvents for WooCommerce
Setting up FooEvents Express Check-in

Setting up FooEvents Express Check-in

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  1. Go to Tickets -> Express Check-in
  2. There are two options that can be set:
    • Auto Search – The search box will automatically display data as you type
    • Auto Check-in – The attendee will automatically be marked as “Checked In” if a ticket ID is found that matches the search criteria. This is intended to save time, especially when using a barcode scanner
  3. You are able to search using the following criteria:
    • Attendee first name
    • Attendee last name
    • Attendee email address
    • Purchaser first name
    • Purchaser last name
    • Purchaser email address
    • Customer ID
    • Ticket status

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