Why are my tickets not being received?

Why are my tickets not being received?

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Since FooEvents sends event tickets from your web server, there are a number of possible reasons why people might not be receiving their tickets.

Here are some possible solutions:

  • Make sure that you have the latest versions of the FooEvents for WooCommerce and FooEvents PDF Tickets plugins installed
  • Make sure that your WordPress installation can send emails correctly by using a plugin such as Check Email
  • Review your email settings at Settings > General and confirm that the email address you are using to send emails from your WordPress site is a valid email address and has not been blacklisted by any ISPs
  • Confirm that the tickets are not going into the attendee’s spam/junk mail folder (Note: this is very common). By default, WordPress does not send emails using an authenticated email account. While some WooCommerce emails might get delivered successfully, other emails which contain attachments such as ticket emails are often blocked. To ensure better delivery, try installing a WordPress SMTP plugin such as WP Mail SMTP which allows you to send email via authenticated SMTP accounts such as Gmail, Mailgun and SendGrid
  • Make sure that the “Email tickets?” option is enabled when editing your event
  • Check that your orders have been marked as “Completed” which you will find at WooCommerce > Orders
  • If you want the tickets to be emailed automatically, make sure that your product is set to “Virtual” and “Downloadable” in WooCommerce
  • If you are capturing attendee details and would like your attendees to receive the event tickets rather than ticket purchasers, please make sure that the “Email attendee rather than purchaser?” option is enabled when editing your event. Importantly, if this option is enabled then you must also enable the “Capture individual attendee details?” option otherwise the tickets may not be delivered to the attendee

If you still experience difficulties after trying the solutions above, please contact support for further assistance.

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