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Virtual Events

Sell access to virtual events with FooEvents and Zoom

Save time and ensure seamless integration by automatically pre-registering your attendees for once-off or recurring Zoom meetings and webinars when they purchase tickets on your WordPress website. Hybrid events (physical and virtual) are possible too!

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Register attendees for single or multiple Zoom meetings and webinars.

Sell access to both physical and virtual events, simultaneously.

Why use Zoom for my virtual event?

Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video communications, with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, chat and webinars. No matter where you are in the world, Zoom has you covered.

How does it work?

FooEvents connects securely to your Zoom account and can automatically pre-register attendees for once-off or recurring Zoom meetings and webinars when they purchase tickets on your website.

Why sell access through my website?

By selling tickets to your virtual event directly from your own website, you maintain complete control over your sales funnel and can build your customer database which will allow you to optimize conversions and adapt your event and marketing strategies as needed.

Seamless integration with Zoom means you can take advantage of all the monetization benefits and functionality provided by FooEvents and WooCommerce, while world-class video streaming of your live virtual event is handled by Zoom.

Can I sell access to physical and virtual events simultaneously?

Yes, with FooEvents you can sell tickets to physical events, virtual events or both (hybrid events). It’s never been easier to sell tickets and manage free registrations for all your events across multiple channels and platforms.

Can I generate Zoom meetings for bookings?

Yes, the FooEvents Bookings extension supports virtual meetings using Zoom. FooEvents Bookings can be set to automatically generate a meeting when a customer makes a booking. This is ideal for selling access to virtual consulting services such as therapy sessions, doctors appointments, coaching sessions, or group Zoom meetings such as online workshops, virtual yoga classes, virtual art classes, online courses etc. The Zoom meeting will be scheduled for the date and time of the selected booking and both the attendee and host will be added to the meeting.

Does this integration support once-off and recurring virtual events?

Yes, you can sell tickets for once-off as well as multi-day virtual events that run over multiple days or sessions such as conferences, classes and workshops. The options are endless!

What plugin do I need to sell access to virtual events?

The Zoom integration is included in the core FooEvents for WooCommerce plugin, however, you may require other extensions depending on your exact requirements (e.g. FooEvents Bookings, FooEvents PDF Tickets etc). Please note that a paid Zoom plan is required for the Zoom integration as well as the optional webinar add-on if you want to host webinars.

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Take FooEvents for a test drive

Try out one of the demos below to experience how ticket sales for a virtual event are managed.

Zoom Features

Share your story

Host online events with up to 1,000 interactive video participants. Plans range from 100 to 10,000 view-only attendees.

Easy set-up and registration
Customize and brand your emails and registration forms. Flexible registration management and multiple integration options for your CRM systems.
Present with confidence
Simple and intuitive host controls for presenters and interactive capabilities for attendees from desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and conference rooms.
Live broadcasting
Broadcast across social channels with Facebook Live and YouTube integrations.
Full-featured host controls
Mute/unmute panelists, and promote attendee to panelist, giving them audio and video capabilities for enhanced engagement.
Event assistance

Host large-scale events with help from the Zoom team, including planning, rehearsal, and live support.

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