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Find all of the answers to commonly asked questions about FooEvents.

We do not provide language translations as such, but we do provide .po and .mo language files. You can use an application such as PoEdit to create translations in your own language.

For more information click on the following link:

This message appears when you upload the entire FooEvents package. Please download and extract the FooEvents .Zip file. You will find documentation and the FooEvents plugin in the extracted .Zip file which needs to be uploaded to your WordPress website.

Here are some possible solutions in no particular order:

  • Make sure that you have the latest version of the plugin installed
  • Check that your orders have been marked as “Completed”. You will find them at WooCommerce -> Orders
  • If you want the tickets to be emailed automatically please make sure that your product is set to “Virtual” and “Downloadable”
  • Check that the tickets are not going into a spam/junk mail folder
  • Review your email settings at Settings -> General. Please make sure the email address exists and is valid
  • Review the options under WooCommerce -> Settings -> Events. If you are capturing attendee details and want them to receive the tickets, please make sure that the “Email tickets to attendees” option is enabled

If you still experience difficulties after trying the solutions above, please contact for further assistance.

Here are some possible solutions in no particular order:

  • Check that you have the latest version of the FooEvents plugin and app installed
  • You must use your website URL (e.g. and the access details of one of your WordPress users (e.g. ‘admin’) to login to the app
  • Check that your xmlrpc.php file is accessible. Enter in your web browser. You should see the following message if the xmlrpc.php file is accessible: “XML-RPC server accepts POST requests only.”

If you still experience difficulties after trying the solutions above, please contact for further assistance.

There are two ways to manually create tickets:

  1. Click on the “Add new” button which you will find under “Tickets” in your WordPress Admin Area. Select the event name for the specified event. Fill out the ticket form and click the “Publish” button to create the ticket. Please Note: Tickets are NOT automatically sent out after creating the ticket. If you would like to email the ticket to the attendee, click on the “Resend” button on the ticket information screen.
  2. Complete the purchase process on the front-end of your website. Once you reach the payment screen, DO NOT make payment, instead go to the WooCommerce orders screen and mark the order as completed. Tickets will be sent out using this method depending on your events settings.

Click on the button labelled “Download CSV of Attendee” which will appear when you edit your product in the “Event” settings tab in your WordPress/WooCommerce Admin Area. This will generate a list of attendees who have been allocated tickets for that particular event.

FooEvents supports the WooCommerce variable product setting. This can be used for any extra event selections or ticket types.

Please refer to the WooCommerce variable product documentation:

Here is the process that you need to follow:

  1. In your WordPress theme create the following directory structure: fooevents/templates/email
  2. Copy the template files in the wp-content/plugins/fooevents/templates/email directory to the directory that you created in Step 1
  3. Modify the template files as required

You can find download links to the iOS and Android apps on our website:

You can use the ‘Post Expirator’ WordPress plugin to expire products automatically:

Once you’ve installed this plugin you can change the status from “published” to “draft” or “deleted”.

The barcode scanner uses the native functionality of the phone’s camera and the operating system’s built-in libraries therefore the accuracy and speed of scanning is very much dependent on the quality and ability of the device, not the app. In general we have found that higher end smartphones, particularly the latest iPhone, perform best as they usually come with better cameras and faster processors.

WordPress uses an XML-RPC interface that makes it possible to securely connect to third-party apps and services. The FooEvents Check-ins app scans the barcode which contains the event ID and passes it to WordPress via the API which checks the check-in status and updates it if necessary. The event information is retrieved from WordPress in exactly the same way.

Ask your hosting company to ensure that there are no security restrictions on the ‘xmlrpc.php’ file which is part of WordPress. You could also ask them to make sure that no IP addresses are being blocked from accessing your site for the duration of the event. Furthermore, test as thoroughly as possible before the event, and to be safe, we strongly recommend that you have a contingency plan such as a spreadsheet containing all the event attendees for example.

You are welcome to use FooEvents on a staging environment as long as it is only used on one live production site per license.

You are welcome to use FooEvents on a staging environment and one live production site per license.

We do not sell or provide the source code for our apps at this stage.

Yes, you can do so using the FooEvents Custom Attendee Fields plugin. Find out more here:

The barcode can be read from a tablet, mobile phone or print out, however, phone cameras appear to work best with printed barcodes. The performance of phone to phone scanning varies between different screens and cameras, but we have not experienced any issues with phone to phone scanning using our test devices (iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy, Nexus etc).

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