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Activities & General Admission

Offer online and in-person bookings for your venue, activity or service business

Increase booking conversions by enabling customers to book their spot directly from your WordPress website.
No phone calls or emails, 100% self-service.

FooEvents works perfectly with any WooCommerce-friendly theme – no extra customization required!

Use WooCommerce variations to offer different ticket types at different price points.

Theme Park Access

Streamline the booking process and increase revenue

If you're not currently offering online bookings, you're missing out on a massive opportunity to increase sales and ensure that your activity or venue is fully booked. Here are a few examples of activities that can be booked online using FooEvents.

Sell multiple ticket variations such as VIP, Pensioner, Adult, Child, Free etc.

Let your customers check availability on your website and book a suitable space or time slot.

Sell tickets online and scan ticket QR codes at the entrance using the FooEvents Check-ins app.

Use FooEvents and the FooEvents Check-ins app to manage ticket sales and check-ins for your tours.

Offer seamless bookable tour experiences and ensure that all attendees are accounted for.

Manage streamlined attendee access for both online and in-person bookings.

Enjoy seamless ticket sales and admissions to your entertainment venue, from start to finish.

Let your customers book tourist activities for a specific date and time slot.

Offer bookable outdoor activities and use FooEvents to manage the itinerary.

Manage your schedule and ensure that all booking slots are sold well in advance.

Integrate with hundreds of different WooCommerce plugins to create a bespoke booking solution.

FooEvents can be used for events that repeat on multiple dates or one-off functions.

Sell and print tickets at the door or on the go

In addition to accepting online bookings, you can also accept bookings at your venue or activity using FooEvents POS, which is a web-based point of sale (POS) plugin that can be used to sell and print bookings or tickets at the door. You can also use FooEvents POS to sell physical products such as merchandise, food and beverages.

Say goodbye to long, snaking lines!

Manage venue access using the free FooEvents Check-ins app or the FooEvents Express Check-ins plugin. Scan ticket barcodes and QR codes and speed up the admission process. If you sell bookings for an activity or service, use the apps to manage attendance and the itinerary.

Capture critical attendee information

Your attendee data is at the heart of your business and FooEvents ensures that this information is stored safely and accessible to you through various purpose-built channels, including Mailchimp and AutomateWoo.

Fooevents Ticket Viewed Via The Wordpress Admin Area

Good decisions are based on good data

FooEvents provides real-time reports which integrate seamlessly with your WooCommerce sales reports so you always know how your sales and events are performing.

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How do I get started?

First, you will need to purchase a FooEvents license and download the FooEvents plugins. You can then install the plugins on your WordPress site, setup your event, and start selling tickets.

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