WooCommerce – FooEvents for WooCommerce


You can't go wrong with the world’s most popular eCommerce platform

FooEvents is designed to work natively with WooCommerce. This means that you can take advantage of the security and ecosystem of the world’s most popular eCommerce platform as well as the extensive list of extensions and payment gateways that it supports.

Choose from over 100 popular payment gateways.

Leverage thousands of FooEvents compatible WooCommerce extensions.

What payment gateways does FooEvents support?

Payments are processed using WooCommerce which means you can choose from over 100 popular payment gateways, including Stripe, Square, PayPal, most credit cards, direct bank transfer or cash on delivery. 

Is FooEvents safe and secure?

Yes, FooEvents piggybacks on the WooCommerce checkout process so your attendees are guaranteed a safe and familiar checkout experience.

Can I use discount coupons to promote my event?

Yes, you can promote your event through fixed or percentage-based discount coupons. Track and manage coupon usage directly from your WooCommerce dashboard.

Can I offer local currencies and tax rates?

Yes, you can set your local currency and display taxes based on the purchaser’s billing address or your store’s location.

Does FooEvents store my customer and attendee information?

No, FooEvents does not access or store any of your data. All customer and ticket data is archived in your website database and never leaves your site.

Is FooEvents GDPR Compliant?

We are proudly GDPR compliant and completely respect your privacy. We do not sell or share customer data with any third-parties.