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Turn your events, venues and bookable services into products that sell

Your events and services are digital products. This is the basic premise behind FooEvents and it's what makes it possible to leverage WordPress and the WooCommerce ecosystem to create powerful event and ticketing websites in record time. No coding, no ticket fees, no commission!

FooEvents works perfectly on any WooCommerce friendly theme, no customization needed!

Create and manage bookable events, services and venues.

Easily configure FooEvents for almost any type of event or bookable service.

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What kind of events does FooEvents support?

FooEvents can be used to sell tickets to conferences, concerts & shows, virtual events, Courses, Classes & Training, venue & event bookings, sports events, and loads more. Visit our event demo site to see firsthand how FooEvents can be used to make ticket sales a breeze.

Single-day Events

Offer once-off events that take place on a specific date.
(included in the FooEvents for WooCommerce core plugin)

Multi-day Events

These are events that take place over multiple days such as festivals and large seminars.

Seating Events

Let attendees select their own seats based on preferences and the layout of your venue.

Bookable Events

Offer bookings for both physical and virtual events, venues, classes and services.

Do I pay commission or ticket fees?

Nope! Tickets and bookings are sold directly from your own website and payments are processed via any payment gateway that WooCommerce supports. Whether you sell 10 or 10,000 tickets, all your revenue belongs to you!

How many tickets can I sell?

All FooEvents licenses allow you to create an unlimited number of events and tickets at no additional cost! Licenses are only limited to the number of websites on which FooEvents can be installed.

Can I also sell physical products?

Yes, you can sell tickets, physical goods and digital products all from the same website using the powerful combination of FooEvents and WooCommerce.

Can I use FooEvents for free events?

Absolutely. Attendees will be issued tickets and registered in your WooCommerce database which is great for building a CRM database and managing event access.

Can I change the design and layout?

FooEvents works seamlessly with the majority of WooCommerce compatible themes, meaning you have countless options to choose from when jazzing up your store and marketing your events to customers. The event page uses WooCommerce templates which makes it easy to customize and make your own.

What languages does FooEvents support?

The FooEvents plugins come bundled with language files for Afrikaans, Catalan, Czech, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, and Portuguese. These translations are available if your WordPress site is set to any of these languages or locales.

Can I translate FooEvents to a different language?

Yes, you can modify the translations that are bundled with the FooEvents plugins or you can create your own custom language files.

Is FooEvents compatible with WPML?

FooEvents is compatible with the popular WordPress Multilingual (WPML) plugin. WPML lets you translate website content into different languages.

What information is displayed on the event page?

Each event page has a unique URL that includes the event description, summary, image gallery, Google Map, event information, variation drop-downs and related products.

Can I use different terms for my event and attendees?

Yes, you can override the use of the FooEvents default terminology with your own wording so that it’s customized for your event. For example, you could change ‘Attendees’ to ‘Participants’, ‘Students’ or ‘Customers’.

Are there any external dependencies?

Nope. FooEvents is designed to run on your own WooCommerce website and is not dependent on any third-party plugins, external services or databases. Simply install the FooEvents plugin, configure and start selling.

Can I automatically expire events?

Yes, you can set your events to expire on a specified date and can either choose to disable sales for the event or hide the event from your website on the specified date.

Does it work with WP Multisite?

FooEvents supports WordPress Multisite which gives your clients the ability to create and manage their own events and sell tickets in a WordPress Multisite “network”.

Can I display events in a calendar?

Yes, you can add calendars for your events to your website. Calendars support various themes and can be added to your posts and pages using simple shortcodes or widgets.

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Can I make events bookable by time and date?

Yes, with the FooEvents Bookings extension, you can sell access to bookable events, venues, classes and services. Let your customers check availability on your website and book a slot. No phone calls or emails, 100% self-service.

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My event runs over multiple days, can I do multiple check-ins for each attendee?

Yes, with the FooEvents Multi-day extension, you can sell multi-day tickets that give your attendees access to an event over multiple calendar or sequential days, with separate check-ins for each day.

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Does FooEvents support seating charts?

Yes, you can create and manage visual seating charts where attendees can view which seats are booked and select their own seats from the ones that are available using the FooEvents Seating extension.

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