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Sell tickets to your concert or show directly from your WordPress website

FooEvents adds powerful event and ticketing tools to your WordPress website and makes managing ticket sales and attendee access easier than ever. Whether you sell 100 or 100,000 tickets, all your revenue belongs to you! No coding, no ticket fees, no commission!

FooEvents works perfectly with any WooCommerce-friendly theme – no extra customization required!

Create bookable event slots with their own separate inventory/availability.

Concert Tour

FooEvents is extremely flexible and can be used to sell tickets for a variety of different events including concerts, shows and performances.

Create multiple ticket variations such as VIP, Standard, Standing, Pensioner, Free etc.

Let your attendees pick their seats for your movie screening, theater show, or musical.

Use FooEvents to sell tickets to an unlimited number of repeat or once-off shows.

Sell tickets to your school productions and events directly from the school's WordPress website.

Provide your guests with access to events that take place over multiple calendar days.

Sell access to tours and shows that take place at multiple locations and dates.

FooEvents is perfect for venues that offer a variety of shows that take place on multiple dates.

Send tickets from your WordPress website and manage venue access using the FooEvents Check-ins apps

You have complete control over what your tickets look like, how they are sent, the format they are sent in, and how they are used by you, your team and your customers.

Scan Tickets Camera
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Scan tickets using a mobile device

Use the FooEvents Check-ins apps and your device's built-in camera to scan tickets.

Fooevents Barcodes Scanners Cover
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Scan tickets using a Bluetooth Scanner

The FooEvents Check-ins apps work seamlessly with Bluetooth barcode and QR code scanners.

Safe Contactless Entry

Offer safe, contactless and fast entry for your attendees, staff and volunteers.

Sell and print tickets at the door

FooEvents POS is a web-based point of sale plugin and can be used to sell and print tickets at the door of your venue. You can also use FooEvents POS to sell physical products such as merchandise, food and beverages.

Visual seating charts

Let your attendees select their own seats using a visual seating chart. Customize the colors of the seats to perfectly match the design of your website and block seats according to health and safety requirements.

Fooevents Seating Selector

How do I get started?

First, you will need to purchase a FooEvents license and download the FooEvents plugins. You can then install the plugins on your WordPress site, setup your event, and start selling tickets.

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