We love making things!

Applying creativity, thinking differently, building tools that help people and collaborating with our peers nourishes our curious appetites and fuels our collective passion for what we do.

We get you, because we’ve been in your shoes!

The idea for FooEvents was born in 2015. We were an established digital agency called Grenade that developed web and mobile applications for blue chip companies in South Africa and abroad. One of our clients needed to sell tickets for an event but didn’t want to pay ticket commission and they required the ability to manage everything from their existing WordPress website. We painstakingly investigated different solutions and quickly discovered that they were either too expensive, over complicated, cumbersome, badly coded or all of the above.

We ditched the idea of an off-the-shelf solution and decided to build our own ticket plugin which worked phenomenally well for our client due to it’s elegant integration with WooCommerce and simple, user-friendly design. We then thought that it would be a shame to keep this great product to ourselves, so we submitted it to CodeCanyon (Envato) and charged a minimal fee in order to help cover our support and maintenance costs. Within a short period of time, FooEvents had became a top seller with hundreds of event organizers selling tickets using our plugin and we were inundated with feature requests.

Fast forward to 2018, and FooEvents has become a cornerstone of our business. We now proudly help over 5,000 customers from across the globe sell tickets and manage events. FooEvents has grown and matured to include several plugin extensions, free iOS and Android Check-ins apps, and integrations with other great products including our recently released app-based point of sale (POS) system for WooCommerce called FooSales.

Our Team

The FooEvents team consists of talented developers, designers, customer support and marketing experts from North America and South Africa who are relentless in building and supporting high quality products that are not only simple but cost effective.

Our team was forged in the trenches of the highly competitive agency world which features tight, often unreasonable deadlines and requires a lot of creative problem solving and nerves of steel to survive. These attributes are evident in our experience, knowledge, dedication and premium customer support. Applying our unique digital agency and WordPress plugin development background to FooEvents is one of the many reasons why we stand out from our competitors, ensuring happy customers and successful events.

Start selling tickets like a pro!

FooEvents will have you up and running within minutes. Take advantage of our risk free 7 Day No Quibble Money-Back Guarantee and try it for yourself!

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