Tickets – FooEvents for WooCommerce


Send and manage tickets directly from your WordPress website

FooEvents gives you complete control over what your tickets look like, how they are sent, the format they are sent in and how they are used by you, your team and your customers.

Modify attendee, booking and seating details.

Resend tickets, download the PDF version and view critical event, order and purchadser information.

Can I create different ticket types?

Yes, you can create different ticket types that have their own stock count, price, discount etc. This is ideal for events where access is based on the type of ticket that your customer purchased.

How does FooEvents manage ticket availability?

FooEvents leverages powerful order and stock management functionality that is native to WooCommerce so that you can specify the number of tickets available to prevent overselling.

Can I automatically expire tickets?

Yes, you can set your tickets to expire on a fixed date or after a specific amount of time has elapsed since the ticket was purchased.

Do tickets contain a QR code or barcode?

Yes, all tickets include either a unique 1D barcode or QR code by default which can easily be disabled through a setting.

How do you scan the QR code or barcode?

You can scan the ticket barcode using the FREE FooEvents Check-ins app which can also be paired with a Bluetooth barcode scanner or from a computer with the FooEvents Express Check-in extension.

Can I brand the tickets or booking confirmation emails?

Yes, you can send custom branded ticket emails to attendees or ticket purchasers. Tickets include the event logo, attendee and event details and a unique 1D barcode or QR code.

Do you have any ticket templates that I can use?

There are over 20 FREE professionally designed Ticket Themes that you can use to transform the appearance of your tickets and make your event stand out.

Can I use my own email templates?

Yes, with very little HTML knowledge you can customize the layout and design of any current Ticket Theme or use the Starter Theme as a template to design your own tickets from scratch.

Can I send PDF tickets?

Yes, using the FooEvents PDF Tickets extension you can attach tickets as PDFs to the emails that are sent to attendees or ticket purchasers so that they can be saved and printed out in a standard format.

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How can attendees download tickets?

Attendees can login and download their PDF tickets directly from the ‘My Accounts’ section of your website. This is a convenient solution for replacing lost or damaged tickets.

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Can attendees add events to their calendars?

You can include an ‘Add to calendar’ button on your event tickets which gives ticket purchasers the option of downloading an ICS file which adds the event to their preferred calendar.

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Are tickets print-friendly?

PDF Tickets are very print-friendly and attendees can download and print their tickets out from any device that supports PDFs.

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Can I manually create tickets in the WordPress Admin Area?

Yes, you can manually create tickets for existing customers on your website or create a new user on-the-fly from your WordPress Admin Area.

Can I resend tickets?

Yes, tickets can be resent individually or to a bulk group of purchasers or attendees at any time from your WordPress Admin Area.