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Engage with your customers and attendees every step of the way

Automatically schedule attendee emails based on custom triggers for an event or booking using our powerful Mailchimp and AutomateWoo integrations. You can also send automated emails and SMSs when tickets are purchased or checked in.

What types of automated attendee emails can I schedule using these integrations?

  • Send welcome packs and confirm registration details
  • Send automated reminders before the day of an event
  • Send a COVID-19 pre-screening survey to attendees
  • Send reminders to bring something to an event or booking
  • Communicate important changes such as a venue change
  • Announce that your event has been canceled or postponed
  • Setup automated drip emails to build excitement for an event
  • Send greetings and welcome messages
  • Provide attendees with additional information and resources that can be used at an event
  • Offer real-time notifications of activities taking place
  • Send automated thank-you emails to everyone who attended an event with links to the event’s presentations, notes or recordings
  • Send a certificate of attendance/completion after a person completes a race or course
  • Create and send a satisfaction survey using the built-in tools in Mailchimp or connect your account to another platform such as SurveyMonkey
  • Request a review of your event or business
  • Create automations to touch base with attendees or customers at specific time intervals e.g. after attendees have completed a specific course or workshop
  • Send out special offers or cross-promote your other events
  • Export or synchronize attendee information with a different marketing or CRM platform

Please note that automated scheduled triggers such as the event date, booking date and check-in time, are only included in the AutomateWoo integration. Please read below for a more detailed overview of how each integration works.


AutomateWoo Integration

How does the AutomateWoo integration work?

FooEvents adds additional custom triggers to the AutomateWoo plugin making it possible to send automated emails and SMSs to attendees using the purchase time, event date, booking date and check-in time as triggers.

Do I need to install any additional plugins to use the AutomateWoo integration?

The integration is included in the main FooEvents for WooCommerce plugin, however, you will also need to purchase the AutomateWoo plugin which is sold separately on the WooCommerce Marketplace in order to take advantage of this functionality.

Why should I use AutomateWoo?

AutomateWoo is sold as a 12-month license and is excellent value for money. The integration between WooCommerce and AutomateWoo is also advanced and, as a result, many additional FooEvents trigger and filter options are not included in the Mailchimp integration. We highly recommend AutomateWoo if your requirements are geared more toward sending transactional alerts and reminders (one-to-one) or if you have a limited budget.

  • Cost effective
  • Advanced filters and triggers
  • Managed within your WordPress dashboard
  • Requires less configuration
  • Not ideal for sending emails to large lists
  • Limited reporting tools
  • Email delivery is not guaranteed

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Mailchimp Integration

How does the Mailchimp integration work?

Attendees can be automatically added to a Mailchimp audience list when tickets are generated. You can also specify default tags or event-specific tags that can be used to segment your Mailchimp list.

Do I need any additional plugins to use the Mailchimp integration?

You need a Mailchimp account and the core FooEvents for WooCommerce plugin in order to use this integration.

Why should I use Mailchimp?

Mailchimp has become a household name and for good reason. It’s extremely powerful and packed with loads of features, however, this does come at a price especially if you have a medium to large database. We highly recommend Mailchimp if you regularly send emails to large lists and place a premium on email delivery and reporting or if your business already uses Mailchimp as many do. You may also opt to run AutomateWoo and Mailchimp together depending on your requirements as they both have their own distinct strengths and weaknesses.

  • Fast and reliable email sending
  • Great for sending emails to large lists
  • Excellent reporting tools
  • Integrates with popular 3rd-party systems
  • Includes other useful CRM features
  • Expensive
  • Basic WooCommerce filters and triggers
  • Requires more setup and configuration
  • Another system to manage and log into

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