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Star Rating

19 Apr 2024

We use this ticket system for all of our events

We are a medium-sized event agency in Germany and use this system for all of our events (100-7000 people). We have never had any problems with entry or tickets. It always happens that people report that they didn’t get a ticket, but that’s usually the fault of the people themselves (spam filter). I can only recommend this plugin/ticket system to anyone who doesn’t want to pay large fees to any filemen. Installing on WordPress is child’s play. We’ve had a small problem with a page once, but support solved it quickly. 10 stars for the support 😉

Henning Klus (Emsland Beach Festival)

4 Stars
7 March 2024

FooEvents is an excellent plugin. I use it to sell my hobby classes on my website. It’s perfectly integrated with WooCommerce, which makes life easier. Support is fast and professional. I recommend it 100%!

– Susan,

4 Stars
18 October 2023
Quick setup, great functionality and top-notch support
I needed a quick solution for a client to be able to offer individual sessions on his site. This setup was quick and pretty intuitive! It works perfectly for what we need here. This product is also well documented and it’s easy to follow along with the instructions. As always, the FooEvents support team is responsive, helpful, and a pleasure to work with as questions arise and I needed help. – Marc Hindley
Star Rating
22 April 2022
“FooEvents has sold over 100,000 tickets for me. Since discovering FooEvents in 2020 it has only got better and better. Support is awesome, the flexibility of the plugin is great and it’s transformed my web design business around.”
Fiona Dawson

Star Rating

“Customer service response is outstanding – very fast and efficient response to ticket enquiries which made the initial interaction easy. As a small NPO the generous NPO discount on products is a huge help – thank you!”

– Helen

Star Rating
28 July 2023
I came to FooEvents particularly for its compatibility with barcode scanners, but I have to say it’s hands-down the best and most flexible events tool I have used with regards to listings, booking options and ticket management.
– Marc Hindley
Star Rating
13 Apr 2022
“I’ve used FooEvents for a number of clients now. They are all delighted, and the flexibility is unparalleled. The extensive documentation will get you started quickly, and if you ever need to contact support, their response time and commitment to solving any problems is excellent. Highy, highly recommended!”
– Scott Spence

Star Rating

“Great futures for a outstanding price and great support.”

– onbir

Star Rating
13 May 2022
“I was in the market a few years ago and tried several other e-ticketing solutions. Since I found FooEvents I haven’t looked back, It’s everything I was looking. With the constant updates they’ve introduced features I didn’t even know I needed and would rely on so heavily. This is truly a great product with event organizers and their customers in mind.”
– Vernon Jean

Star Rating

“Amazing plugin, I love it! The FooEvents Check-ins app is also really great.”

– Malexism

Star Rating

“I’m very impressed with FooEvents! I purchased it a few hours ago and am already up and running with a very complex event. Well — it was complex with other plugins — yours makes it easy!”

– Maya W

Star Rating
“Ya’ll are awesome – your support team is extremely responsive, pleasant and always answers my actual question. Very rare to find these days. 🙂 Thank you!”
– Erin Merritt 

Star Rating

“This is an outstanding plugin. When I had an issue which was caused by another conflicting plugin, the author offered tremendous help and proceeded to offer a refund if it couldn’t be fixed.
We fixed in anyway but I had the piece of mind that the author was fully committed to customer satisfaction.
The issuing of tickets and checking in facility on phone is brilliant! Easily 5 stars!”

– webfoleo

Star Rating
“The advantage of FooEvents is that is allows you to focus on event management. Many other plugins focus on the calendar and I do not find that important. Your plugin with the various add-ons cover most requirements.”
– Michael

Star Rating

“It looks good, it works, and it’s simple! This is the solution for someone who wants their events to run smoothly and even look fancy. I really like the barcode scanning functionality and FooEvents Check-ins app. VERY SATISFIED. Thank-you!”

– Joundrichi

Star Rating

“This is the second year we’ve used FooEvents and it’s getting better.”

– Daniel

Star Rating

“Easy to install and configure and is perfect for my client’s needs (a box office for local arts centre)”

– JonTarrant

Star Rating

“Great product! Since we only run a few functions a year, we avoid having to use a third-party website that takes 5%+ from ticket sales. Support has also been excellent!”

– Justin

Star Rating

“With more and more new features being developed/released. This is an amazing plugin for what it does. Easy to use and feature rich. Thank You!”

– Daziaus

Star Rating

13 March 2023

“I ended up deciding to go with FooEvents as this is the only plugin on the market that had a “true’ mult-day event function, which allowed us to enter multi-day events that were NOT on consequitive days. As I haven’t used this plugin before, I had a few setup issues which I emailed through to support and I got a response witin 24 hours both times. Great event plugin, working through all the add-ons, as they other some great functionality for event organisers. I would recommend getting this plugin.”

–  Brett

Star Rating

“I absolutely love this plugin, it’s exactly what I’ve needed for a while and it’s being working brilliantly. I am in awe of your skill!”

– Hannah

Star Rating
“FooEvents is a great plugin to manage event tickets. I used it for an international fair and the result was excellent. I recommend it 100%!”

– javiromero

Star Rating

“I tried a number of ticketing plugins prior to FooEvents – all of them promised various features and didn’t deliver most of them at an inflated price. FooEvents does exactly what I needed.”

– Sithra

Star Rating

“If you’re planning an event and looking for a ticketing solution we recommend you look no further than FooEvents. Combining the power of WordPress and WooCommerce it’s a seriously awesome package complete with ticket barcodes & mobile check-in app.”
– Hotel Maps Pro

Star Rating

“This is THE plugin for events.”

– digit89

Star Rating

“Great plugin for selling tickets through WooCommerce. The customizable tickets and scanning smart phone app are awesome!”

– eastcoastliquor

Star Rating
21 January 2023
“I really appreciate using these extensions for WooCommerce as the fit nearly all my needs in ticketing. The support team is also really efficient and attentive to all kind of requests as soon as they can help and facilitate our experience.”
–  Jeff
Star Rating
9 February 2023
“One of the best plugins i used… Support team is great. Thank you guys…”
–  Tolis

Star Rating

“So convenient, beautiful and simple with an easy to use interface. Everything works as expected and makes check-in a breeze.”

– Salara

Star Rating

“Easy to use and almost perfectly integrated with WooCommerce. FooEvents support is extremely helpful and supportive and have saved the day many a time!”
– JJ Heilbron

Star Rating

“Very stable and working great with all of our other applications. Virtually weightless on our system!”

– sdinvestor2k

Star Rating

“FooEvents is a lifesaver for us!!! Due to the pandemic we needed a quick online ticket selling solution, and no developer would do it right away, so we were left with the WordPress option, and FooEvents was just the plugin we needed.”

– Bartok

Star Rating

“Wild Africa Experiences, owns our destiny with FooEvents. The ability to change availability on the fly has really been empowering. Owning the buying cycle and being able to assist customers with queries is made so much easier.”
Wild Africa Experiences

Star Rating

“Great product, as we only run a few functions a year, we avoid having to use a third party website that takes 5%+ from ticket sales. Support has also been great”


Star Rating

“I tested all your competitors but FooEvents is by far the best.”

– Andre H 

Star Rating

“Amazing plugin, i love it, the app’s really great!”

– Nubesti

Star Rating

“It looks really good, it works, and it is simple! This is the option for someone who wants their events to work fast and even look fancy. I really like the barcode and the app. VERY SATISFIED. Very easy to use, thank you!”

– joundrichi

Star Rating

“Out of the box it just worked, which was great to get our project started. Setup is pretty straight forward and not difficult once you get your head around the basic logic of how to setup an event.”

– Stefan

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