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Explore all the powerful features that make it possible to sell tickets and run your events like a pro with FooEvents.


Built for WooCommerce

FooEvents is designed to work natively with WooCommerce. This means that you can take advantage of the security and power of the world’s most popular eCommerce platform.

Unlimited Tickets and Events

All FooEvents licenses let you create an unlimited number of events and tickets at no additional cost! Licenses are only limited to the number of websites on which FooEvents can be installed.

Sell Digital and Physical Products

You can sell tickets, physical goods and digital products all from the same website using the powerful combination of FooEvents and WooCommerce.

WordPress Theme Friendly

FooEvents works seamlessly with the majority WooCommerce compatible themes, meaning you have countless options to choose from when jazzing up your store and marketing your events to customers.

Detailed Event Information

Each event page has a unique URL that includes the event description, summary, image gallery, Google Map, event information, variation drop-downs and related products.

No Commission or Ticket fees

Event tickets are sold directly from your own website and payments are processed via any payment gateway that WooCommerce supports. Whether you sell 10 or 10,000 tickets, all your ticket revenues belong to you!

Customizable Wording

Override the use of the FooEvents default terminology with your own wording that is more appropriate for your event. For example you could change ‘Attendees’ to ‘Participants’, ‘Students’ or ‘Customers’.

Free or Paid Events

Sell tickets or register attendees for free events. Attendees will be issued tickets and registered in your WooCommerce database which is great for building a CRM database and managing event access.

No External Dependencies

FooEvents is designed to run on your own WooCommerce website and is not dependent on any third-party plugins or external services. Simply install the FooEvents plugin, configure and start selling.

WP Multisite Support

FooEvents supports WordPress Multisite which gives your clients the ability to create and manage their own events and sell tickets in a WordPress Multisite “network”.

WPML Compatible

FooEvents is compatible with the popular WordPress Multilingual (WPML) plugin. WPML lets you translate website content into different languages.

Translation Ready

Use WordPress localization files (.PO/.MO) to change all FooEvents text outputs into your website’s default language.

Expire Events

Set your events to expire on a specified date. You can either choose to disable sales for the event or hide the event from your website on the specified date.

Seating Charts

Create and manage visual seating charts where attendees can view which seats are booked and select their own seats from the ones that are available.

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Create Event Calendars

Add calendars of all your events to your website. Calendars support various themes and can be added to your posts and pages using simple short codes or widgets.

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Manage Multi-day Events

Sell multi-day tickets that give your attendees access to an event over multiple calendar or sequential days, each day contains it’s own separate check-in.

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Virtual Events

Sell tickets to virtual conferences, meetings and webinars
Seamless integration with Zoom means you can take advantage of all the monetization benefits and functionality provided by FooEvents and WooCommerce, while world class video streaming of your live virtual event is taken care of by Zoom.
Automatic Attendee Registration

Sell access to virtual events directly from your WordPress website. FooEvents connects securely to your Zoom account and can automatically pre-register attendees for once-off or recurring Zoom meetings and webinars when they purchase tickets on your website.

Own the customer relationship and your data

By selling tickets to your virtual event directly from your own website, you maintain complete control over your sales funnel and can build your customer database which will allow you to optimize conversions and adapt your event and marketing strategies as needed.

Sell tickets to physical and virtual events simultaneously

With FooEvents, you can sell tickets to physical events, virtual events or both! It’s never been easier to sell tickets and manage free registrations for all your events across multiple channels and platforms.

Give attendees access to once-off or recurring virtual events

Sell multi-day tickets for virtual events that run over multiple days or sessions such as conferences, classes and workshops. The options are endless!

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Video conferencing technology trusted by millions
Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video communications, with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, chat and webinars. No matter where you are in the world, Zoom has you covered.


Different Ticket Types

Create different ticket types that have their own stock count, price, discount etc. This is ideal for events where access is based on the type of ticket that your customer purchased.

Manage Ticket Inventory

FooEvents leverages powerful order and stock management functionality that is native to WooCommerce so that you can specify the number of tickets available to prevent overselling.

Scan Tickets Using Barcodes or QR Codes

All tickets include a unique 1D barcode or QR code which can be scanned using a handheld barcode scanner or with the free FooEvents Check-ins app.

Send Branded Ticket Emails

Send customizable ticket emails to attendees or ticket purchasers. Tickets include the event logo, attendee and event details and a unique 1D barcode or QR code.

Free Ticket Themes

Transform the appearance of your tickets and make your event stand out with over 20 professionally designed Ticket Themes that cover almost any occasion.

Customize Ticket Templates

With very little HTML knowledge, you can easily customize the layout and design of both HTML and PDF tickets to match the unique identity and requirements of your event.

Send PDF Tickets

Attach tickets as PDFs to the emails that are sent to attendees or ticket purchasers so that they can easily save and print out tickets in a recognizable format.

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Downloadable Tickets

Give attendees the option to login and download their PDF tickets directly from the ‘My Accounts’ section of your website. This is a perfect solution for replacing lost or damaged tickets.

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Add to Calendar

Include an ‘Add to calendar’ button on your event tickets which gives ticket purchasers the option of downloading an .ics file which adds the event to their preferred calendar.

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Print Friendly

Send your tickets in a clean, print-friendly format which attendees can download and print from any device that supports PDFs.

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Manually Create Tickets

Manually create tickets for existing customers on your website or create a new user on the fly from your WordPress Admin Area.

Expire Tickets

Set your tickets to expire on a fixed date or after a specific amount of time has elapsed since the ticket was purchased.

Manually Create Tickets

Manually create tickets for existing customers on your website or create a new user on the fly from your WordPress Admin Area.


Capture Standard Attendee Fields

Capture common information when attendees purchase a ticket. The standard fields include first name, last name, phone number, email address, company and designation.

Capture Custom Attendee Fields

Create and capture your own custom attendee input fields through an easy to use drag and drop form builder interface.

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Allow Attendees to Reserve Seating

Allow attendees to choose their own seats based on the layout of your venue. Specify rows and seats or tables and chairs.

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Manage Event Access

Manage access to your event like a pro with the free FooEvents Check-ins app or the FooEvents Express Check-ins plugin.

CSV Export

Export a CSV file containing all attendees for a specific event which you can open in a spreadsheet or upload to another database.

Design & Print Stationery

Design and print custom name tags, wristbands, tickets, badges and personalized labels through an intuitive drag & drop interface.

Mobile Apps

Barcode and QR Code Support

All tickets include a unique 1D barcode or QR code which can be scanned with a handheld barcode scanner or with the free FooEvents Check-ins app.

Customizable Branding

Make the FooEvents Check-ins app your own by changing the logo and color scheme directly from the plugin settings screen to match your website.

Attendee Search

Easily find attendees that are registered for your event and view their information by searching for them by name or ticket ID.

Auto Check-ins

Speed up check-ins by enabling the auto check-ins option which will automatically check-in an attendee and return to the scanning screen once their ticket has been successfully scanned.

Offline Mode

Don’t stress if the power goes out or the internet connection drops as you can still do check-ins with the built-in offline mode until your connection is reestablished and the data automatically syncs.

Bulk Status Updates
Change the check-in status of multiple attendees using the built-in Bulk Update option. Simply select the tickets and mark them as checked-in, checked-out or canceled.
View Attendee Information

View information for attendees as well as any custom attendee fields that were captured when the ticket was purchased.

Attendee Filter

Filter the attendee list based on the current event check-in status. These include checked-in, checked-out, canceled and unpaid.

Bluetooth Scanner Integration
Scan tickets using your mobile device’s built-in camera or pair your device to any handheld Bluetooth barcode scanner.


100+ Secure Payment Methods

Sell tickets and process payments via Stripe, PayPal, credit cards, direct bank transfer or cash on delivery. Choose from over 100 popular payment gateways for WooCommerce.

Bulletproof Checkout

FooEvents piggy backs on the WooCommerce checkout process so your attendees are guaranteed a safe and familiar checkout experience.

Discount Coupons

Promote your event through fixed and percentage based discount coupons. Track and manage coupon usage directly from your WooCommerce dashboard.

Local Currency and Taxes

Set your local currency and display taxes based on the ticket purchaser’s billing address or your store’s location.

Data Remains Safe and Private
FooEvents does not access or store any of your data. All customer and ticket data is archived in your website database and never leaves your site.
GDPR Compliance

We are proudly GDPR compliant and completely respect your privacy. We do not sell or share customer data with any third-parties.


Event Reports

Get a better understanding of your ticket sales and event performance. View event revenue, tickets sold, check-ins, available tickets and more.

Sales Reports

With WooCommerce Reports, you can view your store’s detailed sales performance from month-to-month using various graphs and stats.

Order Management

WooCommerce orders are generated each time a ticket is sold. Orders are linked to your tickets and contain billing information and product data.

FooEvents Extensions

FooEvents Custom Attendee Fields

Capture customized attendee fields at checkout and tailor FooEvents according to your unique event requirements.

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FooEvents Seating

Capture seating rows and numbers at checkout. Let attendees choose their own seats based on the layout of your venue.

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FooEvents Multi-day

Sell tickets for multi-day events that allow your attendees to check-in over multiple calendar or sequential days.

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FooEvents Calendar

Add a calendar view of all your events to your website. Calendars can be added to your posts and pages using simple short codes or the Calendar widget.

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FooEvents PDF Tickets

Send PDF tickets via email to an attendee or ticket purchaser. Attach tickets as PDF files to the email that is sent to each individual attendee or ticket purchaser.

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FooEvents Express Check-in

The intuitive interface allows you to find attendees in a matter of seconds and scan tickets with a handheld barcode scanner for a fast and effortless check-in process. 

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FooSales – Sell tickets in person

FooSales is a secure point of sale (POS) system for WooCommerce that turns any computer or tablet into a cash register that works seamlessly with FooEvents.

WPML Compatible​
FooEvents is compatible with the popular WordPress Multilingual (WPML) plugin. WPML lets you translate website content into different languages.
Eventbrite Integration

Automatically pull events from Eventbrite and display them in your calendar or push your events directly to Eventbrite.

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Popular Third-Party Plugins

User Role Editor

Change WordPress user roles and permissions easily. User Role Editor can be used to manage access and permissions in a multi-user environment for various FooEvents features such as the Check-ins app.

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WP Mail SMTP is the most popular WordPress SMTP and PHP Mailer plugin which solves email deliverability issues. If your FooEvents tickets are not reliably received by attendees, this plugin should solve this issue.

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FooSales POS

FooSales is a secure point of sale system for WooCommerce that turns any computer or tablet into a cash register. FooSales integrates with FooEvents, allowing you to sell tickets at the door.

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Product Add-ons

Allow your customers to personalize products while they’re shopping on your online store. No more follow-up email requests—customers get what they want, before they’re done checking out.

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Direct Checkout for WooCommerce

This plugin allows your customers to skip the “Cart” page and go directly to the “Checkout” page for a fast and simple checkout experience.

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Checkout Field Editor

The checkout field editor provides you with an interface to add, edit, and remove fields shown on your WooCommerce checkout page which is useful for many different scenarios.

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WooCommerce Customer / Order / Coupon Export

Export individual orders, customers or coupons, bulk export records on-demand, and create multiple automated exports to transfer customer and order data via FTP, HTTP POST or email.

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WooCommerce Min Max Quantity & Step Control Single

Set up a minimum, maximum and step quantity per product. Allows you to sell tickets in groups. It forces customers to buy pre-defined increments (e.g. 2 tickets at a time).

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WordPress Multilingual Plugin (WPML)

WPML allows you to translate pages, posts, custom types, taxonomy, menus and even themes. FooEvents is 100% compatible with WPML which makes it perfect for websites which sell tickets to different demographics.

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WooCommerce Multi-Step Checkout

Split the checkout process over several steps. This is useful should you wish to separate FooEvents fields from the Billing, Order and Payment details.

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Sell tickets to a Zoom webinar

Sell access to your Zoom webinar using FooEvents. Simply create an event, sell tickets and import your paid attendees into Zoom.

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