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FooEvents adds powerful event and ticketing functionality to WooCommerce and will have you up and running within minutes. No ticket fees and no technical skills needed!

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Sell tickets on your own terms

FooEvents removes the middle man and makes it possible to sell an unlimited number of custom branded tickets from your own WordPress website without having to pay any ticket fees or commission. FooEvents ensures that you have full control over the ticket sales process and customer data, making it the safest and most flexible event and ticketing solution available.

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“So convenient, beautiful and simple with an easy to use interface. Everything works as expected and makes check-in a breeze.”  — Salara

  • Built for WooCommerce
  • No Ticket Fees
  • Unlimited Ticket Sending
  • Branded Tickets

Manage attendee check-ins with our free iOS and Android apps

There’s no need to struggle with clumsy spreadsheets or kill trees when you can manage event check-ins with our free, easy to use iOS and Android apps. The FooEvents Check-ins apps give you the tools to manage access to your event like a pro and they even work without Internet access!

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“It looks good, it works, and it’s simple! This is the solution for someone who wants their events to run smoothly and even look fancy. I really like the barcode scanning functionality and FooEvents Check-ins app. VERY SATISFIED. Thank-you!”Joundrichi

We get you, because we’ve been you!

Before we started FooEvents, we were an established digital agency called Grenade. One of our clients needed to sell tickets for an event and we quickly discovered that the available solutions were either too expensive, over complicated, badly coded or all of the above. We decided to build our own ticket plugin and due to it’s elegant integration with WooCommerce and simple, user-friendly design – FooEvents has evolved into an industry favorite.

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“I tried a number of ticketing plugins prior to FooEvents – all of them promised various features and didn’t deliver, most of them at an inflated price. FooEvents does exactly what I needed.”Sithra

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

Although we don’t think you’ll ever want one, we’ll gladly provide a refund if it’s requested within 7 days of purchase.

Why do our customers love FooEvents?

With over 5,000+ sites using FooEvents, it is the perfect solution for YOU. Here’s why smart business owners, designers, and developers love FooEvents!

“Out of the box it just worked, which was great to get our project started. Setup is pretty straight forward and not difficult once you get your head around the basic logic of how to setup an event.”

– Stefan

“The advantage of FooEvents is that is allows you to focus on event management. Many other plugins focus on the calendar and I do not find that important. Your plugin with the various add-ons cover most requirements.”


“Customer service response is outstanding – very fast and efficient response to ticket enquiries which made the initial interaction easy. As a small NPO the generous NPO discount on products is a huge help – thank you!”


“I absolutely love this plugin, it’s exactly what I’ve needed for a while and it’s being working brilliantly. I am in awe of your skill!”



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FooEvents can be setup for practically any type of event. Have a look at our example events to see for yourself.

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