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FooEvents Bookings

Offer bookings for both physical and virtual events, venues, classes and services. Let your customers check availability on your website and book a space or slot. No phone calls or emails, 100% self-service.

Drag and drop slot builder

Our intuitive booking slot builder gives you granular control over your bookable slots, dates and availability. You can quickly change the slot display order with our drag and drop builder. Duplicate complete date and slot ranges and manage stock for each individual slot.

Screenshot Of The Fooevents Bookings Manager / Builder Screen

Generate date slots using the Booking Wizard

The FooEvents Bookings plugin provides complete granular control over your booking time slots, as well as the specific dates when these slots are available. Generate bookable date slots by selecting a Start Date, an End Date, the Days of the Week, and setting the Default stock availability. The Booking Wizard will then generate date slots for all days within the specified range that correspond to your chosen days of the week.

Screenshot 2023 11 07 At 11.40.18

Multiple display modes

The booking selection dropdowns will automatically adjust how slots and dates are displayed based on your booking schema. You can also choose to show stock availability above the selectors or inside the date dropdowns, choose to hide out-of-stock dates and automatically expire bookings that have already passed.

Choose the date then the slot

Bookings Date Slot

Choose the slot then the date

Bookings Slot Date

Multiple slots for the same date

Bookings Slot Same Date

Single-slot over multiple dates

Bookings Single Slot Date

Manage bookings through the FooEvents Check-ins app

You can manage booking attendance using the free FooEvents Check-ins app. Bookings function differently to standard events when viewed in the app and make use of custom screens that make managing bookings a breeze. Tickets can also be scanned within the app to speed up the check-in process.

Fooevents App Bookings

Built-in booking management

You can modify the details of customer bookings through your WordPress dashboard as well as view and sort bookings based on the ticket date on the ticket listing screen.

Fooevents Ticket

Create Bookable Zoom Meetings

Automatically generate Zoom meetings when attendees book slots for specific dates and times. Ideal for selling access to virtual consulting services such as therapy sessions, doctors appointments, coaching sessions, or group Zoom meetings such as online workshops, virtual yoga classes, virtual art classes, online courses etc.

Bookings Zoom 1

Create bookings on your own terms

Change the terms used to describe your slots, dates, attendees and more.

Fooevents Booking Terms

Take FooEvents Bookings for a test drive

Try out one of the demos below to experience first-hand just how flexible FooEvents really is.

License Overview

Save up to 70% when purchasing this extension as part of the FooEvents Bookings Bundle OR FooEvents Point of Sale Bundle. You can also purchase the FooEvents Bookings extension separately.

A license entitles you to 12 months of updates and support from the date of purchase. It can be used by you or a client and cannot be resold or redistributed in its original or modified state. All purchase options are billed annually but you can cancel your subscription at any time. If you’re unhappy with your purchase, we offer a 14 Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Included in your Purchase

Downloadable plugin files
12 Months premium support
12 Months plugin updates
Free iOS & Android check-in apps
User-friendly documentation

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