Full House Bundle

The FooEvents Full House Bundle is our most popular bundle for good reason. It includes all the FooEvents plugins so you don’t need to worry about purchasing anything else and it represents the best value. Buy this bundle if you want to save money and have access to the full FooEvents product suite.

Each plugin can only be used by you or a client on one domain. You cannot resell or redistribute the plugins in their original or modified state.

A subscription entitles you to 12 months of updates and support from the date of purchase. If you’re unhappy with your purchase, we offer a 7 Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Included in this Bundle

The FooEvents for WooCommerce plugin adds powerful event and ticketing functionality to WooCommerce. FooEvents enhances standard WooCommerce products and adds event and ticketing capabilities to your website. FooEvents uses product inventory as tickets, making it possible to harnass the power and extensive functionality that is already built into WooCommerce.

Scan Tickets Using Barcodes

Speed up check-ins and eliminate finger errors by using barcodes. All tickets include a unique barcode which can be scanned using a barcode scanner or with our free mobile Check-ins apps.

Detailed Event Pages

Each event page includes a unique URL, description, summary, image gallery, Google map, event information, variation drop-downs and related products. FooEvents leverages existing WooCommerce templates to generate the product pages meaning your event pages will look perfect off the bat!

Customizable Wording

Override the use of certain terminology with your own wording that is more appropriate for your event. For example you could change ‘Attendees’ to ‘Participants’ or ‘Entrants’.

Send Unlimited Tickets

FooEvents sends HTML tickets to attendees or ticket purchasers via email by default. The FooEvents PDF Tickets plugin extends this functionality by attaching the tickets as PDF files to the email instead.

Send Tickets to Purchaser or Attendee

Depending on your event requirements, tickets can either be sent directly to each individual attendee or to the ticket purchaser. You can also choose to include or exclude the purchaser/attendee details on the ticket.

Hundreds of Secure Payment Methods

Sell tickets and process payments via Stripe and PayPal. Accept credit cards, direct bank transfer, checks or cash on delivery. Choose from over 100 popular payment gateways for WooCommerce.

Pay No Commission or Ticket Fees

FooEvents is your own self-hosted ticketing solution, meaning all sales revenue and data remain yours alone. We don’t take a commission from your ticket sales or charge any fees.

Create Different Ticket Types

It’s super easy to create different ticket types for each event with FooEvents. Ticket types can have their own stock count, price, discount etc. This is ideal for events where access is controlled based on the type of ticket that your customer purchased.

Manage Ticket Inventory

FooEvents leverages powerful order and stock management functionality that is native to WooCommerce which makes it possible to easily specify the number of available tickets for a specific event as well as the ticket type so you never have to worry about overselling.

CSV Export of Attendees

Export a CSV file containing all your event attendees which you can open in spreadsheet software or upload to another database. Each CSV file contains all the attendee information including custom fields, check-in status etc.

No External Dependencies

Install the FooEvents plugin on your website, create an event, and start selling tickets. It’s really that simple to get started!

Local Currency and Taxes

Set your local currency and display taxes based on your customer’s billing address or your store’s registered location. You can also calculate major country and state tax rates automatically.

The FooEvents Custom Attendee Fields plugin is an extension for FooEvents that allows for the capture of customized attendee fields at checkout so you can tailor FooEvents according to your unique event requirements. This is useful for acquiring additional information from attendees such as clothing sizes, meal preferences, demographic information, waiver acceptance etc. The options are virtually endless!

How does it work?

  • Capture attendee information using text fields or drop-down lists.
  • Custom attendee fields are added to the checkout screen and can capture information for multiple attendees in a single purchase.
  • Choose whether these custom questions are required fields.
  • Export a CSV list of all attendee information for each event.
  • Custom attendee fields are displayed on the event ticket.

The FooEvents Multi-day plugin is a must have plugin if you have an event that runs for longer than a day! Using the FooEvents Multi-day plugin you can sell tickets that will give your attendees access to the event over multiple calendar or sequential days. What makes this feature unique is that the reoccurring days are not limited to weekly, monthly, or annual occurrences, but rather it gives you the ability to choose the exact days that the event will repeat ensuring that you have granular control.

The FooEvents Seating plugin is an extension for FooEvents that allows for the capture of rows and seat numbers at checkout. This is useful for letting attendees select their own seats based on the layout of your venue. This plugin can be used to specify rows and seats in a conference room or theater, tables and the number of chairs at the table etc. You can create VIP sections or restrict attendees to seats in other higher or lower priced areas.

How does it work?

  • Choose your own row, area or table names and set the the number of seats or spaces available in each of these areas.
  • You can then capture the row name and seat number of each attendee individually when they purchase a ticket.
  • The row name and seat number are displayed on the event ticket.
  • You can also associate an event variation to a specific row making it possible to sell different ticket types at different prices for different rows or areas (e.g VIP, golden circle etc).

The FooEvents PDF Tickets plugin is an extension for FooEvents for WooCommerce that attaches tickets as PDF files to the email that is sent to the attendee or ticket purchaser. There is an option to choose between single or multiple tickets per page.

Simple Configuration

Start sending PDF tickets in minutes. Simply upload the plugin files and activate!


Choose between sending an email with only the PDF ticket attached or attach the PDF ticket to the default HTML ticket email.


The PDF ticket is generated from an HTML template. With a little HTML knowledge you can customize the layout and design of the PDF ticket.

Print Friendly

Provide customers with tickets in a simple, print-ready PDF format. Simply download the PDF and print.

Download from My Accounts

Allow attendees to download their PDF tickets from the ‘My Accounts’ section of your website.

The FooEvents Calendar plugin is an extension for FooEvents that adds a calendar view of all your events to your website. Calendars can be added to your posts and pages using simple short codes. A widget view of the calendar is also provided for further flexibility.

Simple Configuration

Start sending PDF tickets in minutes. Simply upload the plugin files and activate!

The FooEvents Express Check-in plugin makes checking in attendees at your event a fast and effortless process. The intuitive interface allows you to find attendees in a matter of seconds.

Flexible Search

Designed to be a fallback if you can’t use the FooEvents Check-ins apps at you event. Search by purchaser or attendee name, ticket ID and ticket status.

Auto Check-in

Auto Check-in an attendee if a ticket ID is found in the system. This is ideal if you are using a barcode scanner and/or have many people attending your event.

Barcode Support

Check-in attendees using a standard barcode scanning device and a computer. Optimized to work perfectly with most 1D barcode scanners.

Mobile Friendly

Designed to work on desktops, tablets and mobile phones. This makes FooEvents Express Check-ins the ideal backup option for larger events.

There’s no need to struggle with clumsy spreadsheets or kill trees when you can manage event check-ins with our free, easy to use iOS and Android apps. The FooEvents Check-ins apps give you the tools to manage access to your events like a pro.

Barcode Support

Speed up check-ins and eliminate finger errors by using barcodes. All tickets include a unique barcode which can be scanned using a barcode scanner or with our free mobile check-in app.

Sell Tickets at the Door with FooSales

FooSales is a free app-based point of sale (POS) system for WooCommerce that turns your iPad or Android tablet into a mobile cash register. You you can now sell tickets in person at your event with the speed and convenience of FooSales!

Customizable Branding

Make the FooEvents Check-ins apps your own by changing the logo and color scheme directly from the plugin settings screen.

Offline Mode

The power could go out or you might lose your Internet connection. The FooEvents Check-in apps will save you from event apocalypse thanks to the built-in offline mode feature. In this scenario you can simply continue checking in your attendees and sync with your online database once the connection is re-established.

FooSales is a free point of sale (POS) app for WooCommerce that turns your iPad or Android tablet into a mobile cash register. You you can now use FooEvents and FooSales together to sell tickets in person at your event with speed and convenience!

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