Take A Look Under The Hood (video) – FooEvents For WooCommerce

Take a look under the hood (video)

In this walkthrough video, we will take you on a guided tour of the FooEvents settings and event setup. You will see how FooEvents can be used to create conferences, multi-day events, bookable services as well as events with seating selection. We also take a brief look at ticket management and the FooEvents reporting tools.

If you would like to take FooEvents for a test drive, please get in touch and we will arrange access to a temporary admin demo environment.

00:00 – Introduction
00:30 – FooEvents Settings
04:03 – Event Setup (Conferences)
14:42 – Multi-day Events
16:32 – Bookable Events
21:54 – Seating
24:03 – Ticket Management
25:09 – Reports
25:39 – Ticket Themes
26:04 – More Information

Helpful resources:

Help Center: https://help.fooevents.com/
Use Cases: https://help.fooevents.com/docs/topics/use-cases/
Demos: http://demo.fooevents.com/
Contact Us: https://help.fooevents.com/contact/

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