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Fooevents Tip7A

Tip 7: Give early bird incentives

Offer early bird tickets at a reduced rate to promote early registrations and avoid last minute bookings which can become a logistical nightmare. This post is part of our FooTips series. If you would like to see more event related tips, click the button below! See all FooTips

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Fooevents Email Theme Promotion With Button 820X460

Introducing FooEvents Ticket Themes

UPDATE: ALL FOOEVENTS TICKET THEMES ARE NOW FREE! In a first for WooCommerce event ticket plugins, you can now transform the appearance of your email tickets and make your event stand out with FooEvents Ticket Themes. Every event and brand is different and has its own unique character which a

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Fooevents Tip6

Tip 6: Lead by example

Your attitude will affect the entire mood of the event. Your team will feed off your approach and in turn they will engage with speakers, performers and attendees in a similar manner. Be sure to set a good example that exudes a professional, friendly and positive attitude.   This post

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Fooevents Tip5

Tip 5: Delegate

Once you know what needs to be done, split the work up into different sections (catering, check-ins, registration, parking etc) and assign responsibility for those tasks to specific team members. Make sure they know what is expected and when it needs to be done by.   This post is part

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Fooevents Tip4B

Tip 4: Use the cloud

Create a shared document outlining every detail of the event (you can use your list as a starting point). Share this document with the team and keep it updated. Include vendor details, dates, times, amounts, people, requirements, floor plans and anything else the team might need.   This post is

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Fooevents Tip3

Tip 3: Have a goal

You’re putting on an event for a reason. Be clear about what you want to achieve, why you want to achieve it, and make sure that this filters through to your plan. Doing so will help you achieve your goal or determine where you went wrong.   This post is

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Fooevents Updates

Release notes: FooEvents for WooCommerce 1.7.0

FooEvents for WooCommerce 1.7.0 is now available. NEW: Moved barcodes and email themes to the WordPress uploads directory, ADDED: Support for HTML email ticket themes, UPDATED: Translations See all release notes:

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Fooevents Tip2

Tip 2: Make a list #FooTips

Put everything into a list. The list should contain anything you need to do, arrange, purchase, order, confirm, give, receive, find or remove. Keep the list updated and use it as the basis for your project plan.   This post is part of our FooTips series. If you would like

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Fooevents Tip1

Tip 1: The early bird catches the worm #FooTips

Start planning as soon as possible. The larger the event, the sooner you need to start planning. This can range from 1 – 6 months depending on the size of the event.   This post is part of our FooTips series. If you would like to see more event related

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