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Fooevents Workshop

How to sell tickets for workshops and sessions using FooEvents

The WooCommerce attributes and variations functionality allows you to easily sell tickets for different workshops, sessions and groups. In this tutorial, we’re going to create an event that includes 5 different workshops, each able to accommodate 50 attendees. Attendees will purchase a ticket for the main event and specify which workshops they would like to

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Independence Day Instagram

Independence Ticket Theme

Have a fireworks show, parade, barbecue, picnic or concert planned for Independence Day? We’ve made a special Ticket Theme for you to celebrate the occasion. Get it now for only $9!

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Canada Day

Canada Ticket Theme

O Canada let’s get ready to celebrate shall we eh? Yeah Canada Day is just around the corner and we’ve made a special ticket theme to mark the occasion. Get it now for only $9!

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Fooevents Event Planning Roadmap

Infographic: Event Planning Roadmap

Planning an event is a mammoth task and it’s hard to keep track of everything that needs to be done, especially over longer periods of time. To make life a bit easier, we’ve designed a basic event planning roadmap that you can print out and mount on your wall. While it does not cover every apsect of your event, it should help to highlight the various activities that you need to address leading up to your event.

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Fooevents Updates

Release notes: 6 June 2018

FooEvents for WooCommerce 1.7.19 (18 June 2018) UPDATED: Only admin role can now login to app by default UPDATED: Documentation UPDATED: Plugin option clean-up on delete FIXED: Various small bugs FooEvents PDF Tickets 1.4.7 (18 June 2018) UPDATED: Documentation UPDATED: Plugin option clean-up on delete FIXED: Various small bugs FooEvents Custom Attendee Fields 1.2.6 (18

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Fooevents Checklist Feature

FooEvents Ultimate Event Checklist (Free Download)

Whether you are planning a concert, church camp, school function, fund raiser, conference or sports fixture there are a number of common tasks that need to be taken care of in order for the event to be a success. It can be hard to identify all these actives, so in order to help you out,

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Foosales Integration Blog

Sell Event Tickets at the Door for Free with FooSales

It’s now easier than ever to sell tickets in person at your event with speed and convenience! FooSales is a free app-based point of sale (POS) system for WooCommerce from the same team that brought you FooEvents which turns your iPad or Android tablet into a mobile cash register. FooSales enables WooCommerce store owners to

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Memorial Day Instagram

Memorial Ticket Theme

The new FooEvents Memorial Ticket Theme is the perfect companion for any event hosted over Memorial Day weekend at the end of May. Get it now for only $9!

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