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Introducing FooEvents Bookings

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One of the most requested features that we’ve received from customers over the past couple of years was the ability to create bookable products which can be used to setup “proper” recurring events and to sell venue access and other date and time specific services. However, booking plugins can be quite complicated to configure and require a lot of time and effort to master. We wanted to build something different, something uniquely Foo. It needed to be simple, feel obvious, work seamlessly with FooEvents and WooCommerce while providing granular control over complicated booking arrangements. After many months of development, we believe that we have come up with the perfect solution that satisfies all these objectives.

FooEvents Bookings makes it possible to setup managed time slots that can be used to create bookable events, activities, venues and services. For example, it can be configured to accommodate detailed bookings for yoga classes, bus tours, outdoor adventures, museums, hair salons, waterparks, shows, training workshops, golf days, theme parks, art classes, music lessons, tourist activities, ferry rides, chiropractor appointments and consultations etc.

How does FooEvents Bookings work?

Simply setup a standard event using FooEvents, select the bookable event type, create your slots and dates using the drag and drop slot builder, publish your event and start selling! For an in-depth overview of how FooEvents Bookings works, take a look at this help guide.

Drag and drop slot builder

The intuitive booking slot builder gives you granular control over your bookable slots, dates and stock/space/availability. You can quickly change the slot display order with our drag and drop builder as well as duplicate complete date and slot ranges and manage stock for each individual slot.

Fooevents Bookings Builder

Multiple display modes

The booking selection dropdowns will automatically adjust how slots and dates are displayed based on your booking schema. You can also choose to show stock availability above the selectors or inside the date dropdown, choose to hide out-of-stock dates and automatically expire bookings that have already passed.
Fooevents Bookings

Manage bookings through the FooEvents Check-ins app

You can manage booking attendance using the free FooEvents Check-ins app. Bookable events function differently to other events when viewed in the app and make use of custom screens that make managing bookings a breeze. Tickets can also be scanned within the app to speed up the check-in process.

Fooevents App Bookings

We are currently working on FooEvents Seating integration (theaters, cinemas, drive-ins etc.), Zoom meeting and webinar integration, FooSales integration plus loads of other great features so be sure to sign-up to our newsletter if you haven’t already done so in order to stay informed!

In addition to launching FooEvents Bookings, we also rolled out a number of other great interface updates.

Improved ticket details screen

We revamped the ticket details screen and implemented mechanics that make it possible to modify attendee and booking information. We also included details of the associated event, order, and purchaser.

Fooevents Ticket

Improved 'Add New Ticket' screen

We improved the layout of the ‘Add New Ticket’ screen and added support for bookings. This screen now also includes the ability to set custom attendee fields which previously was not possible.

Fooevents Add Ticket

Display attendee details on orders

We’ve added a new section to the WooCommerce orders screen that will display the ticket and attendee information related to the order. You can view the ticket details for completed orders as well as attendee information for incomplete orders before the tickets are generated.

Screen Shot 2020 11 16 At 11.36.34 Am

Event and ticket expiration

You can now automatically expire events and expire tickets in FooEvents! This not only saves a lot of time and effort (especially if you manage multiple events) but also opens up FooEvents to all sorts of new possibilities.

Improved FooEvents Check-ins language support

Last but not least, we’ve added native support for 15 different languages! Simply change your language preferences at any time from your device settings. You can view the full list of supported languages in this FAQ.

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