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Split Payments Now Available in FooEvents POS


Imagine you’re selling tickets at and event and a group approaches and wants to buy tickets together, but everyone wants to pay their share using different methods. In the past, this would require creating multiple orders in FooEvents POS. Now, with the new split payments feature you can add multiple payments to a single order.

If you are not already familiar with FooEvents POS, it is our web-based point of sale plugin. It works with FooEvents for WooCommerce and makes it possible to sell tickets both online and in-person. Whether you’re organizing concerts, conferences, festivals, or any other events, FooEvents POS ensures your sales process is seamless.

This new feature allows your customers to combine multiple payment methods—such as cash, card, Stripe Payments, Square payments or check—into one transaction. Perfect for group buys, shared expenses, and collaborative gifts, it simplifies the process for friends, families, and colleagues to contribute together.

How to Get Started with Split Payments

First, make sure your FooEvents POS plugin is updated to the latest version (version 1.8.1). Next, activate the ‘Split Payment’ option on the WooCommerce payment method management screen. Once enabled, customers will see the ‘Split Payment’ option at checkout in FooEvents POS, where they can enjoy a user-friendly interface for automatic or manual payment splits.

Enhancing the Checkout Experience

Fooevents Split Payments Checkout

During checkout, cashiers can now allocate the total amount across various payment methods. Each processed payment recalculates the remaining balance, which is then split among the remaining methods until the full amount is paid. This is particularly useful for event organizers managing group bookings, allowing multiple attendees to share costs easily.

Simplifying Refunds

Fooevents Split Payments Refunds

Handling refunds for split payments is straightforward. All payments are itemized in the order details, ensuring that refund requests are managed smoothly, even when multiple payment methods are involved. For optimal results, process refunds directly through FooEvents POS.

Efficient Payment Management

Pos Payments Screen

FooEvents POS now features a ‘POS Payments’ menu in the WordPress admin dashboard, providing a comprehensive view of all payments processed through the system. You can also view any payments associated with an order on the WooCommerce order details screen.


The new split payments feature in FooEvents POS makes handling ticket sales at events much more straightforward. By allowing multiple payment methods in a single transaction, it simplifies the process for both customers and cashiers. This enhancement ensures a smooth and efficient sales process. Whether you’re managing a concert or a conference, FooEvents POS provides the flexibility and convenience needed to accommodate groups and streamline transactions. Update your plugin today to take advantage of split payments and improve your event ticket sales process.

If you would like to find out more about Split Payment, please visit this help guide or get in touch.

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