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FooEvents Check-ins Apps update

App Updates

The FooEvents Check-ins apps are a critical part of our offering and have helped event organizers manage the check-in process for hundreds of thousands of attendees. We recently released updates to both the iOS and Android apps that are aimed at ensuring improved connectivity and a faster check-in process.

QR Code Support

In order to achieve a faster, more reliable scan, we have updated the functionality that processes the scanning of barcodes. In doing so, we have also added support for QR codes which have proven to be more reliable and faster to scan. Please make sure that you install the latest version of the FooEvents for WooCommerce plugins and FooEvents Check-ins apps to take advantage of the QR codes option.


Previously the FooEvents Check-ins apps would connect to your website’s database using the built in WordPress XML-RPC service. While this has worked very well for many years, some web hosts and third-party security plugins have since started to automatically limit access to the XML-RPC service on WordPress sites in order to ensure that the XML-RPC service is not abused. This is typically done by blocking IP addresses that perform multiple connections to the XML-RPC service. While it is fairly easy to remedy this situation by contacting your web host and requesting that the IP addresses for your devices are white listed, this can cause unnecessary stress and effort when running an event. As such, we have built our own REST API service that is not blocked by web hosts or security plugins and will ensure that you enjoy a stable and reliable connection to your database. The change is only affected behind the scenes and will not require you to do anything differently. Simply update the FooEvents Check-ins apps (1.4.x) and FooEvents for WooCommerce plugin (1.11.12+) to the latest version and continue using the apps exactly as before.

ScannerBluetooth Scanner Integration

While the built-in cameras available in most modern mobile devices are able to scan barcodes and QR codes fairly accurately, an external barcode scanner is without doubt the fastest, most reliable and robust way to scan tickets. As such, we have implemented the ability to connect a handheld Bluetooth barcode scanner directly to your device in order to scan ticket barcodes. To make use of a Bluetooth barcode scanner, simply follow these instructions.

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