Important Zoom API Update - FooEvents

Important Zoom API update

Zoom Update

As you may know, FooEvents integrates with Zoom making it possible to sell access to Zoom meetings and webinars. FooEvents does this by connecting securely to your Zoom account via Zoom’s app API. Previously, FooEvents integrated with Zoom using their JWT app, however, on June 1, 2023 Zoom will be deprecating (discontinuing) the JWT app type in favour of the Server-to-Server OAuth app type.

Please note, this only affects FooEvents customers who already use the FooEvents/Zoom integration and have already configured their site to use the original JWT app type. Any new sites that use FooEvents for WooCommere version 1.18.14 or higher will automatically use the new OAuth app type.

Migrating from JWT to OAuth

Switching over is a fairly simple process and will not affect the functioning or configuration of your existing Events and Zoom meetings/webinars. Login to your WordPress website and navigate to FooEvents > Settings > Integration Settings. You will still see settings for both the JWT API key and secret as well as the server-to-server OAuth credentials. After you have followed the steps above to generate server-to-server OAuth credentials and have tested that your site can successfully connect to Zoom using the OAuth credentials, you can safely delete the values entered for the JWT API key and secret.

Zoom Jwt Api Key Secret Deprecated Screenshot

Once you have cleared the values of the JWT API key and secret, those settings will no longer display on the Integration tab. If you were only using the JWT app for the FooEvents integration, you can now deactivate the JWT app in your Zoom App Marketplace by clicking Manage at the top of the screen.

Zoom Apps Manage

Select the JWT app from the list and navigate to the Activation tab.

Zoom Jwt Activation

Click the Deactivate your app button to deactivate the JWT app. The app will no longer be able to invoke any Zoom APIs.

Zoom Jwt Activation Deactive

For more information on how to integrate FooEvents with Zoo, please refer to the Zoom Meetings and Webinars help guide. Should you run into any difficulties or have any questions, please be sure to get in touch.

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