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Introducing the all new FooEvents Check-ins app

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In recent years, almost 1 million attendees have been checked-in through the FooEvents Check-ins app. When dealing with large numbers like this, shaving off seconds can make a considerable difference and save thousands of hours collectively. To help you ensure that your attendee check-ins are processed in the fastest and most reliable way possible, we’ve completely redesigned the FooEvents Check-ins app from the ground-up and we’re sooo excited to share it with you!

For starters, there is a slick new interface which not only looks good, but makes navigating the app much simpler. The fonts are cleaner and more legible so important information is now much easier to read (even at night) thanks to dark mode support.

You can now display events using their featured image or use the new date mode. The date mode will display a customizable color coded date icon that will help make your events easy to spot even when you’re in a rush.

New filter and sorting options for events and attendees help you to keep your information organized and make things easier to find.

You can now also manage which events are displayed in the app. By default, the app displays all published events but you also have the option to display only the events that were created by the signed-in user or you can pre-select which events to display.

We’ve listened to your feedback and have put a lot of effort into performance enhancements and faster check-ins so you will definitely love the fact that you can now scan tickets directly from the event listing screen and check-in attendees in less than half the time compared to the previous app.

Last but not least, a new privacy mode lets you hide your attendee’s personal information in the app. This is a crucial feature if you are running a confidential event or you’re using part-time help at the door and you’d like to eliminate the risk of your attendee’s personal information from being leaked, sold or otherwise used inappropriately.

To ensure that the app works correctly, please update all the FooEvents plugins to the latest versions.

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