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Introducing the FooEvents Event Listing Block

It’s been a busy few weeks for us here at FooEvents HQ, and we think you will love what we have been up to!

This week we launched our very first WordPress block, called the FooEvents Event Listing Block. This exciting new addition is included in the main FooEvents for WooCommerce (v1.19.9) plugin and makes it easier than ever to display events on your WordPress website. Simply add the block, adjust the options, and publish. Within a minute, you’ll be listing your events on any post or page using the built-in WordPress block editor.

The FooEvents Event Listing Block expands upon what was previously possible with the Event List Shortcode by offering additional layout options and providing more control over the display of event information. It’s also easier to implement custom CSS and make the design of the event listing your own.

How to Add the Event Listing Block

Adding the FooEvents Event Listing Block to your site is simple. When editing a page or post, simply click the ‘Add Block’ icon and search for ‘FooEvents’. You can also type ‘/foo’ directly in the editor to quickly find the block.

Screenshot Showing How To Add The Fooevents Event Listing Block

By default, the block will display all your events using a list layout once added. You can then change the layout the to tiled or compact. The block offers a range of additional customization options that can be configured to fit your needs:

Event Settings

Choose how many events to display (up to 50), their order by date, and whether to show all types of events or just specific ones. You can also filter events by WooCommerce product category or specific product IDs.

Display Settings

The Display Settings include a collection of options that make it possible to customize the layout of the listing and control what event information is displayed. You can modify the layout and toggle individual sections on or off. Here are the layout options:

Default List Format

The default format is simple and straight forward and includes an option to change the image position or hide it all together.

Fooevents Event Listing Block List Format

Tiles Format

The tiles format, a grid-based layout, is ideal for displaying a large number of events, especially if you have great imagery.

Fooevents Event Listing Block Tiles Format

Compact Format

The compact format leverages WooCommerce table styles to ensure it looks amazing with any theme. It’s also easy for your customers to scan, making it a great way to list a large number of events.

Fooevents Event Listing Block Compact Format

Customize your event list further using options like image alignment for the list layout, column number adjustments for the tiles layout, and leveraging WooCommerce table styles for the compact layout.

Additional Configurations

Set events to automatically drop off the listing after their expiration date and customize the “Book Now” button text to match your site’s terminology.

We hope you find this new feature enhances your ability to showcase and manage events on your website. For more detailed instructions and tips, visit our help center or reach out to our support team.

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