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New Event Check-ins app replacing FooEvents Check-ins

You may have recently received a push notification which said that we will be ending support for the “FooEvents Check-ins” app and removing it from the App Store on 26 March 2019.

Well, please don’t be alarmed because this is not bad news. You see, there are currently two different versions of the FooEvents app in the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android). One is called “FooEvents Check-ins” and the other is simply called “Event Check-ins” (both of them are free). The “Event Check-ins” app was formerly our pro version which used to be a paid app until we made it free as an extra benefit for FooEvents customers. It has more advanced features than the old FooEvents Check-ins app so we’ve made the decision to only support the “Event Check-ins” app going forward.

Migrating to the “Event Check-ins” app is very straightforward, and since it uses the same interface, there’s no additional learning curve involved. All you need to do is download the “Event Check-ins” app for either the App Store or Google Play and connect your website to that app instead. In addition to all the same features that you will find in the old “FooEvents Check-ins” app, you can also upload your own logo and change the app color scheme to match your brand. There’s also an “auto check-in” feature which makes scanning ticket barcodes much simpler and faster.

You can find the download links to the app on the FooEvents Apps page or search for “Event Check-ins” in the App Store and Google Play.

12 thoughts on “New Event Check-ins app replacing FooEvents Check-ins”

  1. lovechocolatefest

    I have an odd error in my WordPress dashboard saying that my url doesn’t match and I need to login to fooevents and fix it. But there is no way to get to my account. Please help.

    1. Robin P (FooEvents)

      Hi there,

      I see your email address is associated with an active account. If you can’t remember your password, you can reset it here using your email address:

      Once logged in, go here to set the URL:

      If you have any further difficulty, please get in touch here and the team will assist:

  2. Having issues with the android app crashing each time I try to check in. The error message is “Events has stopped”. We’ve tried different devices and different logins but it is not working. Apple app works great. Any advise?

    1. Hi Eric

      By default, only users with the role of “Administrator” in WordPress will be able to use the Check-ins app for security reasons. However, it’s possible to assign specific permissions to other users such as store managers so that they can use the full FooEvents product suite including the Check-ins app without having admin access to your website. This page explains how to do this in more detail:

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