What's New With Foo? - October 2022 - FooEvents

What’s new with Foo? – October 2022

Fooevents Updates

This week we released a ton of features that have been on many customer’s wish lists for some time. All these features are based on customer feedback and make using FooEvents simpler and even more flexible!

Booking Management

If you use the FooEvents Bookings extension, then the new Bookings Management screen is sure to be a game changer. You can now go to FooEvents > Bookings and filter bookings by event, slot, and date. This makes it possible to view bookings for a specific date in both the FooEvents Check-ins apps and the WordPress dashboard.

Screenshot 2022 09 30 At 12.33.32 1

Please note: Only Bookings that were created after the FooEvents Bookings plugin was updated to version 1.4.0 can be filtered down to date level. Bookings made before version 1.4.0 do not include a custom field called ‘WooCommerceEventsBookingDateTimestamp‘ which is used by the filters. You can add this custom field to past bookings by running a script that adds the custom field to all bookings/tickets that were generated before version 1.4.0. To make it easier for you to do this, we have created a simple plugin that will allow you to run the updates in batches. If you would like to proceed and add the timestamp custom field to previous tickets, please follow these steps.

Booking Expiration Scheduler

Screenshot 2022 09 30 At 12.58.29While FooEvents has had the option to hide past bookings from the date/slot selection for a while now, you can now set bookings to expire at a specified amount of time before they are scheduled to start. For example, if you would like to close bookings an hour before they are scheduled to start, you can do so by enabling booking expiration and setting the time to 1 hour or 60 minutes before the booking time.

FooEvents Seating

The FooEvents Seating extension is used for a variety of use cases that extend well past standard seated events. To cater for this better, we’ve added an option to change the seating icon on a row level. We have also added a new table layout that makes it possible to display rows of seats as grouped tables.

Screenshot 2022 09 30 At 13.10.50


Resend Grouped Tickets

Screenshot 2022 09 30 At 13.18.07We’ve added an option to resend tickets from the orders screen. What makes this particularly useful, is it will resend multiple tickets of the same product as a single merged email. You can also still resend individual tickets from the individual tickets screen.

Other Updates

  • We’ve added a ‘Ticket ID numeric’ field to the attendee CSV exports. This is a plain numeric field that can be used when importing the CSV into third-party CRM and entry management systems.
  • We’ve split the Capture attendee full name and email address? setting into two separate settings, Capture attendee full name? and Capture attendee email address? This makes it possible to capture only the attendee’s name or only their email address separately with no dependency on the other.

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