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Introducing FooEvents POS – Event Point of Sale

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One of the most requested features that we’ve received from customers at an increasing frequency over the last few years, is the ability to sell and print event tickets at the door in addition to selling them online using FooEvents. A “box office” event point of sale solution if you like. We also discovered that many customers used booking functionality and wanted to sell booking slots in-person. 

Another important requirement was the ability to sell physical products such as food, refreshments, merchandise, consumables and supplies alongside tickets and/or bookings. It also needed to be affordable and not have any hidden charges such as commissions and fees. An event point of sale solution that ticked all these boxes didn’t exist in the WordPress or WooCommerce space… at least until now.

Fooeventspos Feature Platform

Event Point of Sale

We took this information to heart and used our considerable experience in events and point of sale software to create an elegant solution called FooEvents POS — a web-based event point of sale system for WooCommerce that runs on your own server and enables you to sell and print tickets in-person.

FooEvents POS supports all the FooEvents plugin extensions so you can capture custom attendee fields, sell access to multi-day events, allow attendees to select seats or sell bookable slots in-person at your event or business location.

Furthermore, FooEvents POS fully integrates with WooCommerce and uses your existing products, variations, stock, customers, and tax settings in real-time. This means that in addition to selling access to your events and services, you can also sell physical products with advanced point of sale features!

You can accept payments directly in FooEvents POS using certain Stripe™ and Square™ card readers or manually enter the customer’s credit card details without any hardware. Tickets and receipts can be printed using any desktop printer as well as many popular thermal receipt printer models. We’ve even optimized the interface to display perfectly on most desktop, laptop and tablet screens.

Key Features:







Fooeventspos Platform

Existing FooEvents customers will need the following minimum plugin versions of FooEvents for WooCommerce (1.17.0), FooEvents Seating (1.7.1), FooEvents Custom Attendee Fields (1.6.23), FooEvents Multi-day (1.6.4) and FooEvents Bookings (1.5.4) in order to use the FooEvents integration features. However, you can use FooEvents POS to sell physical products without purchasing any other FooEvents plugin extensions if you don’t require the ticket and booking functionality.

We encourage you to read through the event Point of Sale help documentation section for further information and setup instructions.

As always, please get in touch if you have any questions!


Take FooEvents POS for a test drive using our live event point of sale demo which includes a wide range of products for you to try out.

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