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New Zoom integration makes selling tickets and managing virtual events effortless

Fooevents Zoom Integration

Over the years, FooEvents has made it possible for thousands of physical event organizers to sell tickets and manage attendees. Sadly, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many physical events have been forced to postpone or move online as virtual events. We are fully committed to helping event organizers navigate these uncharted waters and have been hard at work developing a secure integration with Zoom that will make selling access to virtual conferences, meetings and webinars an effortless process. With FooEvents, you can now sell tickets to physical events, virtual events or both!

While it’s already possible to manually import your attendees into Zoom and give them access to a specific meeting or webinar (ideal for past events or in cases where you want to give attendees access to meetings/webinars after you’ve already sold tickets), you can now securely connect FooEvents to your Zoom account and automatically pre-register attendees for once-off or recurring Zoom meetings or webinars when they purchase a ticket or register for a free event. 

View examples of free and commercial virtual events which demonstrate how you can use either the standard Zoom meeting or webinar add-on functionality depending on your use case.

Virtual Yoga Class

By selling tickets to your virtual event directly from your own website, you maintain complete control over your sales funnel and customer database. Leveraging the power of FooEvents and WooCommerce, you can sell tickets to a global audience via 100+ payment gateways as well as offer discount coupons, view real time sales and ticket reports, customizable ticket themes and make use of various FooEvents extensions such as the FooEvents Custom Attendee Fields, FooEvents PDF Tickets, FooEvents Multi-day and the FooEvents Calendar.

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The FooEvents Zoom integration includes the ability to sell tickets that give your attendees access to once-off or recurring meetings and webinars. This is useful for virtual events that span over multiple days, keynotes, sessions, classes or workshops etc.

Getting Started

Setting up the Zoom integration only takes a few minutes and includes the following steps:

  1. Connect your site to your Zoom account
  2. Schedule your Zoom Meeting or Webinar
  3. Create or edit your existing event
  4. Link your Event to a Zoom Meeting or Webinar
  5. Sell tickets, it’s as easy as that!

Read the Zoom Meetings and Webinars help document for detailed instructions and information related to setting up virtual events.

While this is a big first step towards improving the way that you run your virtual events, we hope that you find this functionality helpful and that it helps to make the transition from physical events to virtual events that much easier. Moving forward, we are working on various enhancements to the Zoom integration including greater flexibility, on-site webinar creation, individual conference booking options and much more.

Please be sure to get in touch should you have any ideas or suggestion on how we can make this functionality more useful for your event.

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