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FooEvents Ultimate Event Checklist (Free Download)

Fooevents Checklist

Whether you are planning a concert, church camp, school function, fund raiser, conference or sports fixture there are a number of common tasks that need to be taken care of in order for the event to be a success. It can be hard to identify all these actives, so in order to help you out, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of tasks to remember when planning your next event.

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We have created a print-friendly PDF version as well as a spreadsheet version so you can you can customize it with your own unique event planning activities.

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  • Establish event goals and objectives
  • Identify demographic and customer profiles
  • Create event themes and concepts
  • Determine event date and check for conflicting events
  • Identify location and venue options
  • Confirm speakers/presenters/entertainers
  • Confirm sponsors/partners
  • Get cost estimates for all of the above
  • Analyze past event budgets
  • Price tickets based on market research
  • Confirm costs and determine income vs expenditure


  • Contracts signed
  • Finalize presentations
  • Obtain photos and bios
  • Confirm travel & accommodation arrangements


  • Confirm ticket prices
  • Confirm sponsor packages and pricing
  • Setup/enable online registration
  • Identify items to be underwritten and accounting requirements

Service Providers

  • Identify reliable ticketing solution
  • Identify suitable vendors and service providers (food, beverages, signage, promo material, lighting, sound etc.)


  • Visit the event venue and determine registration area, seating, signage, parking, disability access etc.
  • Request written confirmation of the facilities and services provided by the venue on the day of the event and leading up to it
  • Identify any special permits, licenses or insurance requirements


  • Draft a publicity and awareness program
  • Create publicity pieces such as press releases, blog posts, interviews, ad material etc.
  • Request logos from sponsors and partners
  • Create invitations, posters, adverts etc.
  • Compile a media list and media kit
  • Create or update the event website/page
  • Implement ticketing solution
  • Create a mailing list and integrate it with the website
  • Create or update the Facebook event page
  • Create a promo video for your event and post it on social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube etc.)
  • Submit your event to online event calendars
  • Create a content strategy (content targeting, press release channels, influencer strategy etc.)

Final checks before the event

  • Finalize timelines
  • Send reminders to attendees
  • Confirm travel and accommodation bookings
  • Request copies of presentations from speakers/presenters
  • Send out final press releases and news updates
  • Confirm floor and seating plan
  • Confirm media attendance
  • Designate staff roles (registration, social media, food, beverages, health and safety, VIP care, speaker assistance, audio, visuals, security etc)
  • Train volunteers
  • Prepare all materials needed on the day of the event such as signage, promo materials, badges, chairs, tables, tablecloths, flowers, pens, trophies, gifts, printed speeches etc.)
  • Draft a contingency plan for unforeseen events (bad weather, no-shows etc.)
  • Setup venue
  • Print a list of all the attendees
  • Do a trial run of critical activities

On the day of the event

  • Perform last minute checks
  • Print out contact information for all vendors, partners, sponsors, speakers, volunteers, staff etc.
  • Brief the team before the event starts
  • Keep calm and carry on. You got this!

Post Event

  • Gather and collate all financial reports, receipts, invoices, registration data etc.
  • Compile a sales report and update the budget accordingly
  • Send thank you notes to sponsors, speakers, meda, partners, vendors, attendees etc.
  • Conduct a post event survey
  • Issue post event report

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