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Introducing the all new FooEvents Check-ins app

In recent years, almost 1 million attendees have been checked-in through the FooEvents Check-ins app. When dealing with large numbers like this, shaving off seconds can make a considerable difference and save thousands of hours collectively. To help you ensure that your attendee check-ins are processed in the fastest and most reliable way possible, we’ve

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Introducing the New FooEvents Stationery Builder

The latest version of the FooEvents for WooCommerce plugin includes a new FooEvents Stationery Builder which makes it possible to effortlessly design and print custom name tags, wristbands, tickets, badges and personalized labels through an intuitive drag & drop interface.  The drag & drop interface lets you insert standard event and attendee details as well

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Checkout Split

Streamline your event checkout process with Multi-Step Checkout

When customers purchase a ticket using FooEvents, they will be directed to the checkout page so that they can complete all the relevant fields. This includes the default attendee fields such as name and email address, as well as customer attendee fields and seating selection. Depending on the nature of your event, you may want to separate these

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Woocommerce Tickets

Sell Tickets to a virtual event with FooEvents

If you’ve already sold tickets to a physical event using FooEvents and would like to convert your event to a virtual event or give attendees access to webinars at a later stage, read on, otherwise we recommend that you rather read this blog post about the new FooEvents Zoom integration which automatically pre-registers attendees for

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App Updates

FooEvents Check-ins Apps update

The FooEvents Check-ins apps are a critical part of our offering and have helped event organizers manage the check-in process for hundreds of thousands of attendees. We recently released updates to both the iOS and Android apps that are aimed at ensuring improved connectivity and a faster check-in process. QR Code Support In order to

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Fooevents Reports Cover

New FooEvents Reports and Navigation Revamp

The latest FooEvents for WooCommerce plugin update (Version 1.11) includes significant changes which are aimed at making FooEvents easier to navigate and more insightful before, during and after your event. Introducing FooEvents Reports Selling tickets and checking-in attendees is an integral part of any event and something FooEvents already does extremely well. That said, we

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Fooevents Updates

Release notes: 18 November 2019

FooEvents for WooCommerce 1.11.0 ADDED: New event report features ADDED: New settings page FIXED: Various small bugs FooEvents Custom Attendee Fields 1.4.0 ADDED: Support for new settings page FIXED: Various small bugs FooEvents Express Check-in 1.4.0 NEW: Support for new reporting features FIXED: Various small bugs FooEvents Multi-day 1.2.0 NEW: Support for new reporting features

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