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12 automated event emails that will boost attendee engagement

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We’re thrilled to announce that you can now send automated event emails and SMS messages based on custom triggers for an event or booking using the AutomateWoo extension.

Effective communication is key to the success of any event or booking system. Automated emails and SMS messages enhance the attendee experience by providing timely reminders, important updates, and engaging content. This not only reduces no-shows but also builds anticipation and prepares attendees for the event. Post-event communications like thank-you notes and feedback requests extend the engagement, laying the foundation for future events. This new integration with AutomateWoo offers a seamless way to manage this communication, ensuring a more organized, attendee-focused event experience.

What is AutomateWoo?

AutomateWoo is a WooCommerce extension that makes it possible to automatically schedule Actions, like emails and SMS messages based on various triggers and rules. It’s perfect for sending a variety of transactional alerts and reminders (one-to-one) directly from your web server.

What type of automated event emails and SMS messages can AutomateWoo send?

Here are 12 examples of automated event emails that are possible with our AutomateWoo integration. These are guaranteed to enhance your attendees experience and reduce no-shows:

  1. Send welcome packs and confirm registration details.
  2. Send automated reminders before the day of an event.
  3. Setup automated drip emails to build excitement for an event.
  4. Send an SMS ticket to the customer’s phone number.
  5. Send greetings and welcome messages upon check-in.
  6. Provide attendees with additional information and resources that can be used at an event.
  7. Offer real-time notifications of activities taking place on the day if the event.
  8. Send automated thank-you emails to everyone who attended an event with links to the event’s presentations, notes or recordings.
  9. Send a certificate of attendance/completion after a person completes a race or course.
  10. Request a review of your event or business.
  11. Create a follow-up message to touch base with attendees or customers at specific time intervals e.g. after attendees have completed a specific course or workshop.
  12. Send out special offers or cross-promote your other events.

How does AutomateWoo work?

Graphic Explaining How Automatewoo Sends Automated Event Emails

AutomateWoo allows you to set up an email or SMS message automatically and send it to your attendee or customer, based on a set of conditions that you define. This is done by creating Workflows, which are made up of a combination of Triggers, Rules, and Actions (e.g an email or SMS). The action is then scheduled using the Timing options.

  • Triggers determine the circumstances in which the workflow will run. FooEvents includes two triggers:
    • After create ticket – occurs when a ticket is generated.
    • After Check-in ticket – occurs when a ticket status is changed to ‘Checked-in’.
  • Rules allow you to perform more advanced logic on your workflows so they only trigger in certain situations. An example rule would be to only trigger the workflow if a ticket for a specific event/product was purchased.
  • Actions define what happens when a workflow is triggered. With AutomateWoo there are a range of customizable actions available to you such as sending an email or sending an SMS (via the Twilio integration).
  • Timing options determine when the action must be performed.

Screenshot Of The Automatewoo Actions Panel Being Configured To Demonstrate Sending Automated Event Emails

Once you have configured your workflow, an Action (email or SMS message) will be scheduled to send when the Trigger and Rules are met. It will then remain in a queue until it is sent.

Create your own automated event emails

We’ve compiled an AutomateWoo guide that includes everything you need to know to set up your first event or booking Workflow.

The AutomateWoo integration is included in the main FooEvents for WooCommerce plugin (1.19.0+) at no additional cost. You will, however, need to purchase the AutomateWoo plugin separately on the WooCommerce Marketplace to use this functionality.

If you regularly send emails to large lists and place a premium on email delivery, reporting and CRM functionality, we recommend that you also look at our Mailchimp integration which may be better suited to your needs.

If you have any suggestions or feedback, please get in touch!

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